XML (1)

Again, about data. This time, data that sent through. Data that is now favorite to be used between systems. Data that anyone can see without have to configure their computer. Data representation that is booming right now, XML.

This time I want to talk the relationship between XML and web services that is really close in relationship. I think if they were human, they must have kiss everyday. But, let me give a simple view about web service here.

Web service is a service given by a system through http. Why http? Because all ISP won’t block it. http is the best to use to communicate right now although not so safe.

Okay, now XML, why that? XML can be used in any platform. A service will be called and do a called method, or, well, we can say that it will do a service once told. Just like a servant huh? The result of service will be sent by in a xml format to make whatever client that receive it, can use it.

Xml is data representation. Inside you didn’t make it like the html content. There are tags, but not like the html. We can extend it, that’s why it can be a data structure. Because it is data structure, it can be read and used.

So let me clear this one in a short conclusion. Xml is now a must-know-thing in IT and it is used in Web services because easy to transfer and translate.

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