Outbound PI Del 25 June 2011

Today is amazing. Started with a bad mood and bad wake up call, ended with a great thing. There is no kind of promoting one instance here or make one instance famous, but I will just tell my experience. Please let me do it.

Yesterday, we have been told that there will be such outbound travel to all students of PI Del. Destination unknown, but still in Tobasa, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Approximately at 8 am we travel there. The journey cost 105 minutes more or less. And the transportation is so rare out here. So, you’ll have to order a car and travel there. The most terrible thing is that I got no signal for. My operator, 3, there so that I can’t tell you where it is exactly.

There you will find a hotel, a small one but with fancy facilities. For example, there is a karaoke room and also it is close to some tourism area there like waterfall, and it is standing next to the Toba Lake. The room costs IDR 172000 with karaoke facility and meal. I just got that from the brochure. Well, it is a real low price for a good hotel I think. Oh, I forget, the name of the hotel is Sentosa.

Back to topic. At first we make groups and make our own signature. Also, we make a karaoke match. One group choose three songs to sing and then they sing and dance to get points. Out from the karaoke room, one can go to balcony to get a really fresh air and nice view.

Then we continue and do the “invisible” volleyball match. One team won’t see their opponent. It maked the match more interesting. The next match is to make a shape using trashes, garbages, dumps there. So we just clean the lake and make the symbol of PI del.

After building that, we went swimming and took a bath. Well, I said there is a great thing is going to happend. It is true. My group, our group, named Luchay wins the game and we got a prize. For everyone in the group have a free charge to stay.

It is a great thing indeed. We win our games and we deserve it. What I want to say is just do your best in every single part of life. You may come to an event where you face a bad day. But if you dare to face it, the prize is good enough.

One more thing. I don’t know that my parents were looking for me the whole day even my bro at Amsterdam is called to ask where I am. As fact I had no signal, not just gone like that.

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