built your home on the right place

Hi! I’m back to post something I think so impotant for us.

Well, as fact I read Matthew 7:24-27. It interests me a lot and I think I have to share it. It is about building a structure, in this case home, on a right place, right terrain, right base, fundament, whatever.

So, there are two bases, sand and rock. Well, both can be controlled by Ta in Avatar, but it is different in reality. Sand is not as strong as rock. Rock is far stronger. This isn’t like in Pokmon that rock can be easily defeated by ground (sand included).

Then, there are two different people that built their house, on using sand as the base, other rock. House built on the sand is easily destroyed by a single storm. Unlike the one on the rock. It is strong and last forever. Why? How can it be? The base is strong it becomes one with the sructure, so storms won’t destroy it.

Well, the practical thing is that when we heard the words of God, through our holy book, whatever it is, remember it, do it, and live with it. For it is a strong base for our life. Believing it means great success from it.

Wish this short article made a little move in your heart. Thank you. And by the way, happy Sunday and keep faith in God you believe in.

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