Code Code Code

It is a little rare for me these late months to write about codes and programming. Well, there was a man from Microsoft, he is Irving Hutagalung, an Indonesian, yes, and he explained a lot about windows, students blog, cloud computing, and else.

I still remember that he told us, PI del students, there will be Windows 8 coming. He also told us that it will prefer a touch screen platform with better user interface. And he said that though the environment is though small, able to build programs using Visual Studio. That was amazing indeed. But then later on he said we have to learn and use .net. This is what troubles my mind.

Well, I often saw people left PHP for ASP. I have to admit ASP can impress me even more (I still haven’t learnt ASP). But the demostration that Microsoft gave to us in a short clip of movie is very impressive. Then another thing came into my mind. We may leave this PHP for a better ASP that can give better look and feel to web pages. Are we ready to leave Java, a powerful language that can stand in any platforms and easy to build, for C# that stand alone on Microsoft platform only with I think have the same performance like Java did?

Well, at first I think we must not. I love Java, I won’t leave it just like that. But then I saw this in myself. Hey! I may love Java, I may live with Java, but this C# thing is interesting, too! And I don’t have to sacrifice one for other. Both are OO, can be service oriented, event oriented, or else. Just think this way programmers: I love Java, but it won’t hold me knowing C# as deep as I know Java.

So, Mr Irving, I have to admit you are great and charismatic. I like your speech and the powerful gadget you showed to us. But we have other time you have to say, “Keep learning every languages for every languages is powerful today.” 🙂

PS. I am a Microsoft User and a member of MUGI (Microsoft User Group Indonesia) but I am not so active. 🙂

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