phpBB Cant find styles data problem

Hi all! It’s a short time from my last post. I was an admin at a local forum for students and I was not alone. A friend of mine helped me as an admin and it made us two the prime admin. Somehow, today, he managed to add a theme but it gone being a mess. Suddenly all things went bad and error page pop out in all pages.

The error message is simple. Cannot find styles data. The reason was that my forum was having a trouble finding the appropriate data for the styles. Have you ever found similar errors? Well that was my first time. Those helps on forums I think did a little thing to save me from this little catastrophe. Forums kept saying that you should remove the files in cache and be free. I told not just that. Below are the steps.

  1. go to database and choose config table
  2. edit the default theme value into one available on your platform. Well, choose one from styles table

It is the first way. If it still not effective, set the file permission in styles folder to 755 and then delete all files in the cache folder.

If it still not useful, try to rename the working theme directory to the name of your broken theme and delete your old broken theme directory.

That’s it. Your forum should look great with themes. Glad to help.

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