Rising Counter

Well, tonight is the new year’s eve! What a great relief. Finally I can celebrate my birthday again. Every time, the year number is rising by one. Never by more or less. That is the counter that we all know will happen and felt by us. Then, what does that counter means? It depends on you! What will you do in the future is depend on you.

One bible verse said that we have to keep aware and stay sharp for anytime, God may come and take us all. For anytime everything could happen. Well, that’s one of many things I can’t disagree from the Bible. Stay sharp is the thing we must do. No slacking around nor being so lazy.

Other, I ever heard from my lecturer, I. Liem, a phrase that inspires so many students. The counter may rise, but the behavior must be better. Well, she is right. I can’t disagree too. Well, this is confusing for so many people said that they will change this year. This year will be better or something. I did say things like that before. I do not say that now. Because, yeah, many things could happen. I can even hardly keep myself doing good in an hour, how can I promise in a year?! Such a lie!

Well, then another people said that the new year increasing counter means we have to use our days by having fun! It means our day is getting shorter! Soon we will be soil and eaten by worms! They also right. We can’t waste our time? Having fun is important, but more important is that how to make that fun last until we see our grandchildren.

New year is just a rising number. How we use it is a different case. Be great this year and have a great party!

PS. Don’t forget to gather with those you love.



Whoa! yesterday my mom was going out of town, heading to another town, Sipaholon. Today, I must work hard. Why? Coz I’m in charge here. Well, yeah, my dad is in the house, but it doesn’t make any sense if I am being lazy. The fact is that my dad is going lazy, I am going too diligent!

I wake up, I have to clean my own room, make my own milk, even take my dog outside. Well, mom usually do the dog. So where’s the nanny thing? I have to feed dad’s birds, I have to stay with my grandma, cook, and don’t forget I have to do my homework and projects. That’s more like it!

And now, look what I have to do, body building, reading papers – the international paper, published by campus, not newspapers – about IT, stay with my girl, in the end, I do a solid single life today! Happy nanny time!



PS. I will play games too anyway 😀

Chaotic Morning

Udah tiga minggu ini ga gereja selama bulan Desember. Nah, ngblognya baru kali ini karena emang kepikirannya baru ini. Sungguh terlalu memang yah.

Awalnya udah niat mau ke gereja, alhasil bangun pun jam 08.48 dan acara di gereja mulai pada pukul 09.00. Memalukan kali rasanya kalau ga ke gereja. Lebih malu lagi ga dapat tempat duduk dan telat datang ke gereja.

Jadilah aku memutuskan untuk berdiam diri di asrama kampus dan merenungi kebodohan sendiri. Seketika aku bangun, ingatlah aku harus pinjam baju hitam untuk acara paduan suara. Nah, ternyata oh ternyata, ada yang berlari lari.

Mereka pun masuk ke kamar yang aku tempati dan mengunci pintu. Lae Irvan sama Faisal namanya. Cukup bingung juga mata yang masih pengen merem ini ngeliat dua orang lari lari on fire gitu. Mereka pun bilang mereka lari dari Bang Harry, abang asrama, karena disuruh ke gereja.

What a weirrd situation. Seketika aku dengar suara berisik dari selasar sebelah yang menandakan suasana chaos dari razia yang dilakukan bang Harry tterhadap iblis iblis berwujud mahasiswa malas. Lagsung aja aku pun semakin berdiam diri di kamar. Rrencananya mau merenung, malah ditimpa keterkejutan.

Whatt a day! What will happen in the rest of day?! I am stressed now.