Whoa! yesterday my mom was going out of town, heading to another town, Sipaholon. Today, I must work hard. Why? Coz I’m in charge here. Well, yeah, my dad is in the house, but it doesn’t make any sense if I am being lazy. The fact is that my dad is going lazy, I am going too diligent!

I wake up, I have to clean my own room, make my own milk, even take my dog outside. Well, mom usually do the dog. So where’s the nanny thing? I have to feed dad’s birds, I have to stay with my grandma, cook, and don’t forget I have to do my homework and projects. That’s more like it!

And now, look what I have to do, body building, reading papers – the international paper, published by campus, not newspapers – about IT, stay with my girl, in the end, I do a solid single life today! Happy nanny time!



PS. I will play games too anyway 😀

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