Teaching Your Kid

This writing is based on what I saw and I heard. I thought of things when I saw that. I write this because I feel everyone should know.

I was on my way to PI del, my campus, at 2 Feb 2012 when I was in a bus with a small annoying family. There was a boy with them, approximately less than five years old, along with his mom, grandma, and uncle.

What happened next was so annoying and rude. We had to stop in Parapat, a small town. When we stopped, the boy started to explore things because he felt so bored. He saw things and asking about that things. His mom scolded him and told him to shut. Then she added “Oh, I hate this kid!” I think, this kind of parent doesn’t deserve a longer life than 30 years old. She said that as if she was being the best when she was young. I think, she was so stupid and never asked her mother about things.

Then the mother felt so annoyed and gave the boy to his uncle. She kept scolding him. Then she light a cigarette and smoke while playing a very disturbing song that disturbed me so much. She showed her kid how to annoy people, how to behave egoistic, how to be a bad people.

Remember people, what you do in front of your children will be remembered by them. Behave nice and good. Don’t be a bad parent that makes your children becomes bad too. Teaching is not by scolding, not by spankings. Teaching is by showing, guiding, and caring.

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