Trying Our Best

Well, just like another journal, this is happened. I thought about this thing. Well, I am still thinking about this while writing as fact.

Why in all of sudden, I talk about trying our best? Well, things often happened not like how we want it to be. So I just thinking, maybe I haven’t try my best. Maybe I haven’t do my best. Maybe I miss something that makes this not perfect.

I remember Newton’s law that said, action is equals to reaction. So this makes it clear that we may have to do something with every effort we have. If we want the best to happen, we have to give our best to make best expected things to happen. Well, it is all because the world won’t give us more than we deserve.

I also remember karma. Everything is paid to us. Good or bad deeds, one day we will feel it paid. This karma thing sounds like Newton’s law. Well, yeah, it sounds alike. And both are still true, especially karma, because we see it and feel it directly. Unlike the law that must be calculated first. That is why everyone who believe in karma, trying their best to sprread the good karma. Because we expect good things to happen right?

I also remember that in thr Bible said, when we do bad deeds, God will pay us sevenfold, until seven generation. Well, what about good deeds? God will grant us a really best life. He will gave everything we want, we expect. Then it is really good to do things with our best right?

Remember, our best when we did it, we will have the best as result. Happy Sunday! 🙂

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