Well, what is this writing about? The title is confusing. Well it is about living in team, and surviving in team. What is living in team means to be? How could we live in team? What can we do to make our team moves forward constantly over time?

Team is a bunch of people, with their own functions and abilities, sharing it and using it to achieve a goal that everyone has been dreaming until the goal achieved. Well, it is an easy meaning. I think most of people can accept it. Why should live in team? Because so many tasks, works, activities are too hard to do alone. Living in team makes it easier to solve such things.

In team, because people using their own and other’s abilities, every one should do their function in team properly. In battle for example. If the team consist of five, then there must be a decoy, and others which will take on the opponents and killing them while allowing the decoy to get stronger. Team playing requires a quick to adapt trait in everyone to make the job easier to complete. Team playing also requires everyone to help for the others. No one chasing a single goal could live long in team. To live in a team, one must be willing to share their abilities and let each team member know that they are dependable without egoistic intention.

Well, after living in team, again, everyone must do their function properly. The tasks that have been assigned to them must be done correctly. The team’s vision and mission must be done as assigned to team member. As a member, don’t be affraid to do big tasks, but remember your position. Also, don’t be shy when doing small tasks. Remember, the smallest doesn’t mean the least priced.

Well, that’s the way to live in team while making the team growing. You can start it now.

One thought on “Team

  1. it’s better to read this article in before, hmm., but read it now is also not a bad thing i think, this is also help me., 😀
    nice dit.. ^^

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