In Case When You’re Sad

There is a moment
When we can’t smiles so wide
There is a moment
When our heart feels so blue

Every time I happens,
Never let it last too long
Go and stand tall now
Hear me and be cheered

When you feel so sad, when you feel so bad
When you lost your path, when you can’t stand tall
Take a look into your heart
Peek inside and you’ll find
A dream that never dies.

There’s a moment
When days turn into black
There’s a moment
When we can’t think so clear

Sequence: 1-2-Choir-3-2-Choir-Intro-Choir

Beautiful Landscape, Tea, Lake, and Birds

What a nature can give to us? Many things, from what we can see to what we can only feel. A feeling that one can rarely taste when they are stick with their agenda. The feeling that we can feel only in certain conditions.

Well, for example, in Toba, a big tectonic lake in Indonesia, we can find such feeling. Toba gave us a clean view of mountains and beautiful lake. Sound of water that soften our mind. Birds that keep singing their song. Winds that flowing soft through our ear.

Such feeling that I prefer to enjoy with a cup of tea, lifts up a lot of burden from me. I can think clearly, my life seems better, and most important is that I can free my imagination by inhaling fresh air.

Well, this feeling is rare for me although I studied next to Toba Lake itself. Agenda, tasks to be done, deadlines, things that makes me stress. I can be free now, enjoy my solitude for a while and think clearly. A peaceful feeling that everyone must have to move forward.