Care of Others

Well, hello! After such a long time not writing in my blog, I’m back at last. Today, I was traveling with my friend and two of my lecturers to Siantar, a town in North Sumatera – Indonesia. At about half past one, we had a lunch in a small restaurant near outskirts of town. Our purpose is to advertise our campus, PI del, to public there.

After had our lunch, I accidentally saw an old lady. I think she is about 85 o so. She had a needle, thread, and a piece of cloth ready to be sewn. That time, the electricity around was turned off, so I thought that she must have been going outside to do something useful in her mind. I also thought that she would quilt the cloth and make a beautiful handkerchief for her granddaughter.

She had a trouble with inserting her thread into her needle hole. She patiently waited for someone to come and help while trying to pas the thread through the needle. Finally there was a young lady pass through her. First the old woman called her and she didn’t respond. On the second call, the old woman waving her hand so that the young woman knew that she was being called. I don’t know exactly what she, the old woman, ask her to do, but what I knew was that they were both strangers and they could help each other.

So, what do I want to tell in here? The young woman, dare to get out from her tight schedule and listen to things around her. She also dare to give help. She also dare to act when others don’t want to act. She dare to care for others that she didn’t know at all. Can we, dare our self to do something out from our usual agenda or system and listen to our environment? Listen to them and dare to give help? Because when we dare to go out of the comfort zone, we will gain the most valuable things, experience and joy.

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