First Trip Abroad

Hello all! I’ve return from my long sleep of blogging. So, yesterday, I was just beginning my journey to another country. As fact this time it is not a real journey, but it will be a journey. Del got me assigned in Thailand for Job Training, so I must begin my journey now. Here it is at the first glance.

As fact, traveling abroad is not so hard if your country is “good” and you fill the right form. Well, I arrived at LCC Terminal in Kuala Lumpur. The officers there were not so kind to us, Indonesian, because our country had some problems lately. But when I arrived in Chiang Mai International Airport, I was surprised! The officers were so kind and helping. Really, smile is the most important for them. The first impression really helps.

Then about the food. This is one of the most important thing that exist in the Earth. So, in Malay, I could find almost anything, anything in Indonesian context, because our type of stomach is rather same. But in Thailand, wow! I can find more than anything. My apartment is close to a local market, so I can buy vegetables, fruits, even meat there! Everything in a cheaper price.

Well, the first experience is the most valuable one and my first experience is interesting because I met so much different things in one trip. What will happen in the next two months of my stay in Thailand? We’ll see. 🙂

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