Editors and You

Hello! I am writing this because I think it is important for everyone. It is about choosing your most suitable weapon (text editor) in battle (web/app development).

Text editors is playing an important act in software/web development. One writes and edit their code in text editor. There are many text editors that give various different or maybe just the same features. It ease the person that writes the code. But never expect the text editor to act like an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). If you try to compare, IDE will happily walk to the first position in an instant. Hey, why don’t I talk about IDE then if it is far more powerful?! Because everyone needs to learn from small things first. I write about it in my previous post here.

I am PC user and I have lived so long time in Windows. Two editors that I want to compare is Notepad++ and EditPlus. If I am using text editor, I prefer EditPlus as my editor. EditPlus have some features that I like. It have highlighting feature, template, supports many programming languages, and also (this feature is not considered to exist in everyone) my campus give it free and I don’t have to buy it at all! My friends prefer using Notepad++. They say that one can change the theme as they want. I tried it once and it annoys me because every time I change the theme the color disturbs me so much. I prefer simplicity and good features.

To choose an editor, I suggest you to know what you need first. If you need so much things, you can google some editors. There are many great editors in the Internet, most of them are free to use. Myself suggest you to try BlueFish. It support Linux, Mac, and Windows and the size is not big. Another editor is EditPlus. It suites you if you want a simple editor but gives more than just what notepad gives to you. In the end, just like what the course said, look for editor, then try them all. You’ll see the differences and the editor will choose you. πŸ™‚

Instant or Step-by-Step

Hello! It is me again! I want to discuss about two ways in learning here. My approach is learning in software/web development. In software/web development, the developer have to write their code using text editor or IDE. If they are using text editor, then the code must be interpreted and compiled using different software (not the text editor itself). But if they are using IDE, it will just a button click ahead to build things. Then, what I say instant development learning is learning using the IDE (even for the first time) and step-by-step learning is using the text editor first, then IDE after gaining much knowledge.

This writing is made because I once learn using the step-by-step technique and I met someone (let’s just say that someone is a she) using the instant technique. She is older than me and I can say, she produce more than me. But one day, she met a failure in her application and she gets confused because her IDE just do all task. I just simply don’t want everyone to feel the same experience, that’s why I write this post.

Okay, let’s start the discussion. IDE is a powerful tools. Can detect error, can fix error, can do anything that the text editor mostly can’t do. Text editor is just a tool where you can write the code and that’s all. Text editor that I use is EditPlus. It is quite powerful because it has a feature that most text editor don’t have, template. Now, IDE is giving simplicity to coder so they don’t have to think about any details so much. While in text editor, they do not even recognize the other class (if you are using object oriented programming) that you have made in the other file. But as I said before, because IDE is giving everyone (newbie or expert or even guru) so much feature to ease the work, it will spoil those newbies and make them lazy to understand about what really happen when they type something.

For example, I choose NetBeans IDE. NetBeans have a feature in JavaME to let the user build an application using visualization. Don’t expect EditPlus to do so. But then later on, a newbie come and build an application using the visual. Mostly they will just drag and drop and finish. When other people look on their code, mostly they say, “What is this? I can’t understand it clearly!” While there’s another newbie that using the text editor. He can write as he want, put comments as he want, and let the compiler tell him about the warnings, errors, and he fix it by himself. Also, he only write codes that he needs and what he thinks the other may need (like comments). Then other people look on their code and say, “You write efficiently, great!” I don’t put a bad mark on NetBeans, but newbies that using it mostly do the same mistake, bad dirty codes. Then because of the knowledge of writing good and efficient code, the newbie that use text editor before can use the IDE much more efficient later on. While the other newbie is busy in disturbing the other to help him understand.

What I want to say is, IDE is created to ease people in building their application, not to ease people in learning how to develop application. So, while we are learning, why don’t we use the simple one, understand and use the more complex one in far more efficient way?

Webmaking 101

Hello! I am a student in a small campus in Indonesia. Maybe not much of you knows Indonesia, but as fact we are a great country. Let me give you a hint, Bali. Bali is one of thousands islands in my country. I live in Medan, North Sumatera, and my campus is PI del. PI del is in North Sumatera too, but it is close to Lake Toba, the pride of Batak tribe. PI del is a polytechnic that focus in teaching informatics to poor people. This time, I have a job training course and I am in a company in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I am waiting for my computer to finish its job and I suddenly saw Mozilla Open Badge. Although it is still beta, and not known by so many people yet, it interest me so much. I also love web making and writing in blog. That’s why I have this blog (Many Talks) where I can tell people about various things. Through gaining badges, I hope, people can make sure about my capabilities.

Also through badges system, every one wont have a chance to judge anyone’s skill just by looking at their background. Because in my country, higher degree and titles means greater people. Badges may prove they are not as great as what the other people think. That’s why I have to prove so much to as much people as I can that even small people like me means a lot and capable to do things.

No One Success On The First Try

I figure how man think about that sentence. Usually, people tell you that sentence like this: “Don’t worry Aditya! No one success on their first attempt.” Whoa! Very comforting, I must say. Then there comes a question, so NO ONE is really success on their first attempt, then I can say that if my boss see me failed one time. Hell no, people!!!

That sentence is, as fact, telling you that you are just like anyone else! You are no special! You fail on your first try just like everyone else! For sure, I think I am special. I don’t want to be just like the other. I want the other become like me. I want to be the model and figure to anyone. Why should I take that sentence as an excuse if I am failed then? No reason right?! Well, I do my best to always success in every attempt, first or last. But, I have tried my best and I still failed, what about it? Hey, if you tried your best, believe in yourself, people will say, “Great job! This time you may fail, but you’ve tried your best and we know that.” And that beautiful sentence will be followed with great advices from many professionals.

That sentence is also telling you that you don’t have to worry, there’s always another chance. I said, do you want to wait for your chance? I better make my own chance. Never ever let yourself weak because you know that there’s another chance. What about a new surgeon that have to save someone’s life? No second chance if he failed, right? Still, like I said before, face all things as if it is your last chance. Devote yourself in it, even though it is just cutting an onion. Because everything that is affected by the result will surely feel grateful towards you. But, giving yourself to things don’t mean you have to do that thing all the time. You have to manage yourself, too!

I did my best, but still everyone don’t like the result! That can only happen if you did the best for yourself, not for things you do. I did my best, but some people still don’t like the result. Then ask for their critics, explain to them and improve your quality! I did my best, I devote myself, but still there’s always one or two bad critics to the result! Don’t worry because of that! Never worry! It is to support you to do better next time! Never feel so sad because you have done your best. It is all about do your best, people! Because the sentence in the title of this article should be:

Some people success on their first try and everyone can, why don’t you?


How to upgrade Python on CentOS

How to upgrade to Python 2.7 on CentOS.

I just want to add some line because sometimes it failed to install.

You can make a link to libpython2.7.so in your lib folder. So that if you have installed Python 2.7 and the version is still no right, use that suggestion. It wont hurt your CentOS πŸ™‚

ln -s /opt/lib/libpython2.7.so /usr/lib/libpython2.7.so

all credits belongs to the great man that write this blog.

Configure Linux Package Config Path

Hi all!

Since yesterday, July 3 2012, I was doing another task in ThinkCubic. The task is quite simple, but it is only for a while.Β  My team is assigned to package their application to be used in Linux. My job is to package in rpm.

While packaging, we have to make sure about the dependency. Sure, you will not want your app is unusable and everybody asks about it. πŸ˜€ So, when trying to find the dependency, I met this Magick++ not found in pkgconfig path. I thought, “Whoa?! What is this?!” I am Windows user, this error confuses me. I search in the internet and forums, all is weird. I follow what they say and it is still not working!

So, I got a simple explanation using some commands in terminal. Those are man, export, which, and locate. Because what the application needs is not found, they suggest me to add a path containing specific file, in my case is Magick++.pc, into pkgconfig path environment. The work is quite simple.

First, locate the file. Find out where it is using the command below.

locate pkgconfig

Then, take a note where the path of the pkgconfig with needed file is. Usually it is in /usr/bin/pkg-config or in /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig. Nah, the problem is when you are trying to modify the environment path (PKG_CONFIG_PATH). Usually user will just make it like:

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=<new path>

I made it that way, and I got stuck for one full night! So I try to ask my friend and he just solve the simple error easily! That command before must be:

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=<new path>/

Finally you can type:


That’s it! All you need are those steps. I was working on this simple error for two days, and I don’t want any other newbies feel the same error. It is just me or not, but I want to share. πŸ™‚

I was quite wrong about the config path, the fact is that the path may be configured automatically if you install the software using yum. Just look in some repositories it will help you a lot. πŸ™‚

Love is …

a bond between us.

a feeling that we share.

what makes us together until now.

a faith.

what makes us sacrifice.


an addiction.






cannot be removed.

something that you may fall into for many times and you like it.

hard to explain.

what makes you want to protect certain person/thing.

what makes you endure in hard times.

what makes you cry suddenly at night.

what makes you smile without anything funny.

making you able to do unimaginable things.

a power to do something.

a spirit.

can not be forced.

a thing that only you could make it happen in your heart.

not something that one made you feel, but you make yourself feel love.

can not be reduced, but can grows.

what I feel in you and give to you.

equals to you plus me.