No One Success On The First Try

I figure how man think about that sentence. Usually, people tell you that sentence like this: “Don’t worry Aditya! No one success on their first attempt.” Whoa! Very comforting, I must say. Then there comes a question, so NO ONE is really success on their first attempt, then I can say that if my boss see me failed one time. Hell no, people!!!

That sentence is, as fact, telling you that you are just like anyone else! You are no special! You fail on your first try just like everyone else! For sure, I think I am special. I don’t want to be just like the other. I want the other become like me. I want to be the model and figure to anyone. Why should I take that sentence as an excuse if I am failed then? No reason right?! Well, I do my best to always success in every attempt, first or last. But, I have tried my best and I still failed, what about it? Hey, if you tried your best, believe in yourself, people will say, “Great job! This time you may fail, but you’ve tried your best and we know that.” And that beautiful sentence will be followed with great advices from many professionals.

That sentence is also telling you that you don’t have to worry, there’s always another chance. I said, do you want to wait for your chance? I better make my own chance. Never ever let yourself weak because you know that there’s another chance. What about a new surgeon that have to save someone’s life? No second chance if he failed, right? Still, like I said before, face all things as if it is your last chance. Devote yourself in it, even though it is just cutting an onion. Because everything that is affected by the result will surely feel grateful towards you. But, giving yourself to things don’t mean you have to do that thing all the time. You have to manage yourself, too!

I did my best, but still everyone don’t like the result! That can only happen if you did the best for yourself, not for things you do. I did my best, but some people still don’t like the result. Then ask for their critics, explain to them and improve your quality! I did my best, I devote myself, but still there’s always one or two bad critics to the result! Don’t worry because of that! Never worry! It is to support you to do better next time! Never feel so sad because you have done your best. It is all about do your best, people! Because the sentence in the title of this article should be:

Some people success on their first try and everyone can, why don’t you?


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