Editors and You

Hello! I am writing this because I think it is important for everyone. It is about choosing your most suitable weapon (text editor) in battle (web/app development).

Text editors is playing an important act in software/web development. One writes and edit their code in text editor. There are many text editors that give various different or maybe just the same features. It ease the person that writes the code. But never expect the text editor to act like an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). If you try to compare, IDE will happily walk to the first position in an instant. Hey, why don’t I talk about IDE then if it is far more powerful?! Because everyone needs to learn from small things first. I write about it in my previous post here.

I am PC user and I have lived so long time in Windows. Two editors that I want to compare is Notepad++ and EditPlus. If I am using text editor, I prefer EditPlus as my editor. EditPlus have some features that I like. It have highlighting feature, template, supports many programming languages, and also (this feature is not considered to exist in everyone) my campus give it free and I don’t have to buy it at all! My friends prefer using Notepad++. They say that one can change the theme as they want. I tried it once and it annoys me because every time I change the theme the color disturbs me so much. I prefer simplicity and good features.

To choose an editor, I suggest you to know what you need first. If you need so much things, you can google some editors. There are many great editors in the Internet, most of them are free to use. Myself suggest you to try BlueFish. It support Linux, Mac, and Windows and the size is not big. Another editor is EditPlus. It suites you if you want a simple editor but gives more than just what notepad gives to you. In the end, just like what the course said, look for editor, then try them all. You’ll see the differences and the editor will choose you. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Editors and You

    1. Sorry, I can’t speak spanish. 🙂 I have tried notepad++ but I still prefer EditPlus and BlueFish. Thank you for your suggestion. Anyway, do you join P2PU as peers too? 😀

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