Instant or Step-by-Step

Hello! It is me again! I want to discuss about two ways in learning here. My approach is learning in software/web development. In software/web development, the developer have to write their code using text editor or IDE. If they are using text editor, then the code must be interpreted and compiled using different software (not the text editor itself). But if they are using IDE, it will just a button click ahead to build things. Then, what I say instant development learning is learning using the IDE (even for the first time) and step-by-step learning is using the text editor first, then IDE after gaining much knowledge.

This writing is made because I once learn using the step-by-step technique and I met someone (let’s just say that someone is a she) using the instant technique. She is older than me and I can say, she produce more than me. But one day, she met a failure in her application and she gets confused because her IDE just do all task. I just simply don’t want everyone to feel the same experience, that’s why I write this post.

Okay, let’s start the discussion. IDE is a powerful tools. Can detect error, can fix error, can do anything that the text editor mostly can’t do. Text editor is just a tool where you can write the code and that’s all. Text editor that I use is EditPlus. It is quite powerful because it has a feature that most text editor don’t have, template. Now, IDE is giving simplicity to coder so they don’t have to think about any details so much. While in text editor, they do not even recognize the other class (if you are using object oriented programming) that you have made in the other file. But as I said before, because IDE is giving everyone (newbie or expert or even guru) so much feature to ease the work, it will spoil those newbies and make them lazy to understand about what really happen when they type something.

For example, I choose NetBeans IDE. NetBeans have a feature in JavaME to let the user build an application using visualization. Don’t expect EditPlus to do so. But then later on, a newbie come and build an application using the visual. Mostly they will just drag and drop and finish. When other people look on their code, mostly they say, “What is this? I can’t understand it clearly!” While there’s another newbie that using the text editor. He can write as he want, put comments as he want, and let the compiler tell him about the warnings, errors, and he fix it by himself. Also, he only write codes that he needs and what he thinks the other may need (like comments). Then other people look on their code and say, “You write efficiently, great!” I don’t put a bad mark on NetBeans, but newbies that using it mostly do the same mistake, bad dirty codes. Then because of the knowledge of writing good and efficient code, the newbie that use text editor before can use the IDE much more efficient later on. While the other newbie is busy in disturbing the other to help him understand.

What I want to say is, IDE is created to ease people in building their application, not to ease people in learning how to develop application. So, while we are learning, why don’t we use the simple one, understand and use the more complex one in far more efficient way?

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