Hello all! Now I am working as a real programmer in a digital agency company. Well, I work with CMS and it’s not like I only put the contents into the web. I work on the programming part. Creating the blog using a certain CMS, then adding modules needed in it. I am currently working with .NET, ASP, MVC, and of course C#.

Well. I got my first task. Build a module to upload an image on a blog that use MVC. Quite easy I think. So as usual, I create the model, then controller, then view. When I code, all seems right. All seems well. No error on the first compilation. But what happened next is unbelievable. My module is not detected. Even the controller is not known by the CMS! I was like “WHAT THE HELL!!!”

Then I asked my friend and he said that there is some convention in writing a module for the CMS. I have to make this file and that file. I have to make sure it is well written and many more! Okay. I follow. The module shows up. But where’s my controller? Why did every time I tried to access it, it will give me 404 error? How could it cannot be found?! It is so annoying, very annoying to use a CMS like this I think.

What I am trying to say is that in building an additional module for an existing software, we have to follow the regulation. Use this and that. Put that somewhere and that. Then we may create and add the module properly.

But also for those who like to create CMS, create a well documented code and documentation. Well, we can put some comments on top of the method and create a full explaining document and step by step guide. Because it is so tiring to read the codes then follow the flows only to understand how it works.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

the Streets – Urban Life in Metromini Jakarta

Such a long time no press! Yeah, I was busy preparing for my job, doing tasks, etc. So my current position now is in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I am using public transport as my main transportation.

So I was in metromini one night. A red and dirty bus. Quite big, but still it always be crowded. People were not paying attention to each other. Just mind their own business. But not for me. I looked on every corner trying to find things that interest me.

There was a young and attractive lady that was not so confident of herself. She kept checking her phone and doing not quite an activity. What was she actually do was looking for an escape route from anyone so that she wont have to talk with anyone. That is the indicator which people prefer to stop interaction and waste their time than start a very nice conversation.

There was also a kind man, but he looks not so kind. Well, it was only his look. He helped the driver to collect fees. At first, an old woman thought that he is a pickpocket. Well, his look is really bad! The fact is we people sometimes judge other person from their look.

There was also a singer with his guitar singing a Christian song in the bus. I tried to talk to him and later on I know that he is a moslem. Well, what a surprise I must say! He sing it well! Then he said something that I think means so much and really needed in my country, “We people may hold our religion, but it must not force anyone to follow our religion.” Wowing indeed!

In the end, if we look on others, it will just like we’re looking at a big mirror showing our self with a big question. Who are you in the community? How do you interact?