Sitecore – Intro

Hello all!

I am new to Sitecore CMS, yet I want to share my experience with this CMS. Please, don’t expect me to post powerful and super awesome posts like Alex Shyba did in his blog. Well, he is a master, and I am a newbie.

The first time I saw this CMS, I am impressed. “Wow! This worth the price!” I am not the one who pays for the license. My company pays. 😀 Sitecore is a powerful CMS and I like it. You can create (almost) anything there. Well, why I would say something like that? Because it is using .net and C#. Yes, I am C# addict.

But if you expect to have a very well documented CMS and a very good step by step development process, please, Sitecore is not providing that. I saw the documentation and it is for advance developers who have developed many sites. Why would I say something like that? Well, it is not step by step and the information provided is not so complete. In the end you will need to search the internet for step by step guide, but when you read the documentation, every step is written there but not in a very clear order.

In summary, Sitecore is a good CMS. +1 because it have Sitecore Rock in Visual Studio. +1 for it can do various things. -1 For it has a bad documentation. And I have to say, it worth the price.

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