Orchard – Deployment

Hi there!

I haven’t post anything yesterday so I think I will post two posts today. This is the first. This actually happens yesterday when I am trying to deploy a web that is using Orchard CMS.

I found that some steps (cheating steps actually) to deploy it easily and quick. I am using FTP publish method from VS 2010.

  1. Prepare your source code ready. Prepare the FTP server ready too. Create SQL dump statement that contains your web’s database.
  2. If there are files in the FTP already, back it up.
  3. Execute your SQL statement in the target database
  4. Using the given user from the database admin, update the default site to the new environment.
  5. Change the setting in ~/App_Data/Sites/Default/Settings.txt so that your connection string match the publish environment.
  6. Set your build to release mode in Visual Studio.
  7. Configure your publish method to FTP and publish it to the FTP server
  8. Change all localhost:port to the new site in your code. ex: wwww.this-is-the-new-web.com
  9. Publish it

Quite easy and simple steps. Sometimes, there is an error. You can check the log for more details. Log is located at ~/App_Data/Logs/. Error that I meet is that the user given by the DB admin can’t access the database. So I have to ask the DB admin to let the user access it. That’s all.

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