An Old Lady

Today is 8 December 2012, Mayans said that the end of the world would be like in 21.

If you ever read a Bible, you must know about the story of a poor widow and riches in giving for others, or we can say for charity. Today, I saw what Jesus saw and I want to give a reflection to everyone. Because you don’t have to be Christian to understand this story. You just have to read the Bible and know about the story.

I was in a bus that stopped to wait for a traffic light to turn green. Then in front of my bus, there was a woman, old and she was wearing dirty clothes. I assume she was a poor and sick. Also there was a young child, begging for a Rp1000 (one thousand rupiahs). No one gave him a single coin, but then this woman, smiled and comforted the child. Then she gave him some money to buy a drink and food. They laughed together and they were smiling so happily.

For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living. – Mark 12:44

That was a verse from the Bible. And this is the reflection. We can give and share what we have. A little or much. But often we did not even do anything. Instead we tend not to care of anything. So, let’s say that the world will end in 21 December. Will you be in the heaven according to your religion? Have you helped the poor? Have you helped anyone? Have you made someone happy in your life? Have you been so happy in your life?

Memento mori

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