Random Strangers

Tonight, I feel so great. How’s so? I achieve something big. A thing we all could do, but we all “could not” do. It is helping strangers.

Tonight I did it. It feels so great. I don’t know. But I feel that I am so useful. Someone finds me and feel glad and thankful for they meet me. I feel great because of it.

First, I decided to buy a dinner. I usually buy Maduran satay with rice and noodle. The owner of the stall, is usually an lady with her son grilling the satays. But this night, I didn’t see her. I saw her husband and other son instead. So, I asked him where she is just to cure my curiosity. What I found? She was sick with a long not cured hyperuricemia. Wow?! She must be in a bad shape! I just happened to know a traditional medicine for that. What I did? I told the man about the medicine, but he didn’t understand. I feel, “Uh, oh, this is bad!” What I did next is I am looking for the medicine I told him, and told him how to use it. He felt so grateful, so happy, his eyes are shining, like when a kid get a beautiful and attractive lolipop or ice cream! And I’m so happy to see that.

Second, I was exercising my violin. Suddenly my flat neighbour came to me and asked about my blood type. I answered quickly and they feel relieved. They asked me to come with them after that. They told me that their friend suffered an accident. A bus hit their friend and there is a bleeding in her head. And they need five pockets of B+ blood to help her. I think that it must be so horrible! Well, I then go quickly to give my blood. Because, well I just want to and like to give. And in mood to give. They all feel relieved.

Maybe, just maybe, the regular satay stall owner would be dead soon that time, but I may help and heal her. Maybe, those people whose friend was having a bleeding, can go to central red cross and get a blood donor, but it maybe too late. Maybe it is not just the correct time. Just maybe, I have helped two lives. No, I have helped more than that. Because they feel great, they feel that I am willing to give and happy to give. They will pass it on. And I am planting a tree that consist of me continuously giving and being gracious, with others pass it on as the branch, and our good feelings as it’s leafs and fruits. Happy is simple, learn to give.

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