Some Weird Thing on VS2010 Today

Returning to ASP after a long journey in PHP made me had some weird and awkward situations with Visual Studio. One of them wass when I tried to use ConfigurationManager class. I included the System.Security in my reference, but then nothing seemed to show. The message kept saying that The name ‘ConfigurationManager’ does not exist in the current context!

I tried to look on the reference and check the class, it exist. Then I rebuilt my project (It was using Orchard and I needed to compile about 25 modules). Still, the same notification and build error occurred.

I tried to do it “dumb way”. I removed the using statement and commented the code line that using ConfigurationManager class. I removed the reference, too! Then I rebuilt (clean first then build). It success. I re-added the reference and rewrite the code line. Voilà it works just fine now!

My Workplace – Problem

As I have been working for a year and a month (I am really a new employee) I look on some problems in my workplace. In Omeoo, projects come and go. But often the projects come and go too fast, so that while you are doing something, there will be some additional tasks coming and you have to finish it at the same time. We could call the problem as lack of managerial.

We know as developers there are software development life cycle. We work in documented ways and written list of requirements. Tasks that we do is based on project schedule and timeline. And also we are not the one that make the timeline. It was project manager’s task to do it.

In Omeoo, the project manager is not so clear who. That makes the timeline working is delegated to the programmers. Because this unclear situation, often client servicing do not know what are their programmers currently doing. So when they receive new request from the client, it is not their fault to create new tasks and give it to programmers, since they don’t really know what the programmers currently doing, their current workload, and if their tasks before have finished or not.

By looking at this, we could see that it was a mess. That’s why we need something as solution of this problem. So that everything can be sure and projects requirements can be fulfilled.

My Workplace – Brief View of How Things Work

As I have said Omeoo Media is working as digital agency which focuses on web, SEO, articles, and social media. This post will describe how things work in Omeoo.

In Omeoo, we will try to get the client attention and contract. After we have the contract as agreed by both, us and the client, the requirement will be listed by client servicing.

After the requirement is listed, it will be given to the working team, designers, programmers, social media, content writer, and SEO optimizer. Every division have their own job description and task. Every division will create their own timeline and schedule their tasks in order to finish the requirements on the list in the given time. Because I work as developer, I will focus on programmer division.

Programmers will then breakdown the tasks and put it into timeline. Working with designer, programmer will create the web based on mock up design. The logic will be created based on the mock up design, too. Revisions and additional design changes are made throughout the development process.

After the development process is done, testing is conducted. Because there is no division specialized in testing, customer servicing division conduct the testing. The result of testing then will be shared between developers and customer servicing. Using the result, programmers will do the bug fixing.

After bug fixing is done, then the client will need to approve the web that has been made. After the web has been approved, then maintenance will be done.

You can see the rich picture below.

My Workplace – Description

I work in Omeoo Media as a web developer. I work on both ASP.NET and PHP. Projects nowadays are using PHP as you have seen in my recent posts here.

Omeoo Media focuses on digital media like web, SEO, articles, and also social media. Our clients are companies that wanted their products or company advertised. One example is Heinz ABC Indonesia along with their SEO. Another example is Frozz, a mint candy like Tic-Tac, along with their social media.

In Omeoo, we had projects come and go, either from client or products that we made. So you could say there will a task to do. Omeoo itself has been existed for four years.

Problems In My Workplace

Hi, so I have this task from my univ to identify the problem in my workplace and create a way in shape of tool or software to solve the problem. Here in the following category, Binus – KSI, the problem will be described and solved. Feel free to look on it!


PS. Some bit of it will be described in Bahasa Indonesia, so I hope it wont be any problem on it.

Making YouTube Thumbnail as Post Thumbnail in WordPress

Creating video thumbnail can be tricky on WordPress. You will need to add new meta on your post so that the post writer can insert the video ID and update the whole post. This time the key of the post meta that I used is video_id. Have a look on the code! 😀

function store_vid_info($post_id){
    if(($_POST['post_status'] == 'publish') && (in_category('video', $post_id))) {
        $vid_id = get_post_meta($post_id, 'video_id'); /* needed to take meta data. The return will be in array */
        $url = "" . $vid_id[0] . "?v=2&alt=jsonc";

        $content = json_decode(file_get_contents($url)); /* If you use curl, then the header will be overrode and result in error. */

        $post = array(
            'ID' => $post_id,
            'post_content' => "" /* This line will insert the video in iframe to the post content */

         * This will update the post meta (if exist in case of editing post) and will add it.
         * You can change the code to really insert the YouTube thumbnail into your WP thumbnail.
         * I add  the image to a new meta because I'm afraid the theme did not support post thumbnail.
         * If it is, then feel free to change to code.
        if (!update_post_meta($post_id, '_video_thumb', $content->data->thumbnail->hqDefault))
            add_post_meta($post_id, '_video_thumb', $content->data->thumbnail->hqDefault);


add_action('publish_post','store_vid_info'); /* This will hook the function that we have just made to WordPress publish */

Feel free to give comments and feedback 🙂