My Workplace – Brief View of How Things Work

As I have said Omeoo Media is working as digital agency which focuses on web, SEO, articles, and social media. This post will describe how things work in Omeoo.

In Omeoo, we will try to get the client attention and contract. After we have the contract as agreed by both, us and the client, the requirement will be listed by client servicing.

After the requirement is listed, it will be given to the working team, designers, programmers, social media, content writer, and SEO optimizer. Every division have their own job description and task. Every division will create their own timeline and schedule their tasks in order to finish the requirements on the list in the given time. Because I work as developer, I will focus on programmer division.

Programmers will then breakdown the tasks and put it into timeline. Working with designer, programmer will create the web based on mock up design. The logic will be created based on the mock up design, too. Revisions and additional design changes are made throughout the development process.

After the development process is done, testing is conducted. Because there is no division specialized in testing, customer servicing division conduct the testing. The result of testing then will be shared between developers and customer servicing. Using the result, programmers will do the bug fixing.

After bug fixing is done, then the client will need to approve the web that has been made. After the web has been approved, then maintenance will be done.

You can see the rich picture below.

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