My Workplace – Problem

As I have been working for a year and a month (I am really a new employee) I look on some problems in my workplace. In Omeoo, projects come and go. But often the projects come and go too fast, so that while you are doing something, there will be some additional tasks coming and you have to finish it at the same time. We could call the problem as lack of managerial.

We know as developers there are software development life cycle. We work in documented ways and written list of requirements. Tasks that we do is based on project schedule and timeline. And also we are not the one that make the timeline. It was project manager’s task to do it.

In Omeoo, the project manager is not so clear who. That makes the timeline working is delegated to the programmers. Because this unclear situation, often client servicing do not know what are their programmers currently doing. So when they receive new request from the client, it is not their fault to create new tasks and give it to programmers, since they don’t really know what the programmers currently doing, their current workload, and if their tasks before have finished or not.

By looking at this, we could see that it was a mess. That’s why we need something as solution of this problem. So that everything can be sure and projects requirements can be fulfilled.

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