Mother’s Day

Today, 22nd of December, we Indonesian is celebrating mother’s day. Close to Cristmas, this usually used by preachers to notify us Christian about how important our mother is.

Mother is a figure, mother is our very first teacher, the one whom we, must love and care most. There was a story, I don’t know whether it was true or not, where every old and sick mom must be brought to the middle of a forest and left there by their son.

One time, there was a son who was going to do so, brought his mother to a middle of a forest and left her there. He pickaback his mother and left the house heading to the forest. Knowing their direction, his mother knew that she was going to be left there. His mother thought of the last thing she could to to her son. As soon as they reach the forest, she grabbed any branches she could reach and cut it. When the son put his mother down in the middle of the forest with sad expression, he told his mother that he was going to left her there. Amazingly, because love, his mother said, “My son, I knew that you are going to left me here. When you go back, look for branches I have left on the grounds so that you can return home safety.” Hearing that, the son picked his mother up and carried her back to their home, ignoring what may people said about him.

Mother’s love is eternal and unlimited. Even when she knew that we were going to left her, she still love us with all she had. Motgher is the one willing to suffer for us. A woman, that will never left us.

So, people, love your mother because she had loved yoy first.

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