Suicidal Taxi Driver

Right about just now, I had to take a taxi to my place. I asked the driver that he could drive easily and smoothly in Lebaran Month. Then he started talking about problems he had. He said there was an eternal problem exist in life. Surprisingly, the problem was woman. I then stayed silent as the good and kind passenger. I also heard him humming desperate love songs. As my place is getting close, he started talking more. Finally I said, “You should get drunk and forgot it.” Another surprise is he complained that drinks like Jack D and Red Label price is too high in Jakarta. Anyhow, he was seemed so desperate and his eyes seemed to look on emptiness. He also can’t concentrate for he nearly took a wrong turn. All I can say was that, “Drink up, buddy. You need that.”

Yes, problem is exist in our life. But then what? If you can solve it, then why being stress? If you can’t, then what can you do? Well, then it is not your problem! I mean, if you can even ask someone, then you cold possibly solve it. Also, without the tucking problem, would you exist? Fuckin’ no!!! Your mom and dad had sex because there is a problem if they didn’t have kids. Whether it was pressure from your grands, or they just want it! On my suggestion about being drunk, well it’s up to him. But he should be drinking responsibly. Last but not least, there is no amount of worry that can solve any problem!


Moment of Reflection

A few days ago I was in an Jakarta public transport. It was crowded since I was going back on busy hour. Halfway, there was an old lady getting in the bus. Sadly, though, she had to stand because all seats were taken. Somehow, a teenager, with piercing everywhere, torn jeans, and dirty jacket gave the old lady his seat. Don’t ask me why I didn’t give her mine, because I was standing, too.

When I looked around, I found that the bus was so crowded with people showing their social status. Two women were in a nice suit and wearing rosary on their neck, four men wearing koko suit and there are black marks on their forehead, telling that they often went to mosque and pray, that teenager (who gave his seat) with his friend, and the rest are employees with clean clothes and tidy hair.

I was like, “What happened here?” We often judge people by their appearance, putting people in social status, and tell them, “You belong there, I belong here, because I am bla bla bla bla bla!” The fact is, all those people who did not give their seat is much lower and nastier than the teenager with torn jeans and piercing all over his body! Yeah, it was not possible for everyone to give the lady their seat, but at least, if you saw someone struggling right in front of your eyes, and you did nothing?! Come on, people, wake up! Thing that make it worse is that one of those ladies with rosary is posting on their path account about their sympathy for Palestine! WTF?!