New Game on My Phone, “Heroes of Loot”

Recently, I visit humble bundle and take a look on mobile bundle. Then I get this amazing game, Heroes of Loot!

Played it for several hours last night. Too bad that my purchase is not synchronised with google play. I would like to give them a five stat for great achievement system and gameplay.

The concept is simple. You adventure as one hero and crawl the dungeon. Inside you can meet various monsters small to huge. Not also that, random shops selling items are also inside. Not to mention random quest asking you to finish dungeon in specific time, or slay some monsters in a time limit.

Overall you will die. Surely, you will die inside the dungeon. Somehow you get better in crawling the dungeon and get the excitement. Never had I spend my time in such excitement while playing a mobile game! 5/5 for this game!

Lesson from An Unknown Japanese

Yesterday, around this hour, I met a Japanese person. Apparently he worked in the same company as mine. We met in the lift and he was with a women he had just had a meeting with.

I remember the woman told him to work on his Bahasa Indonesia. He said yes and he promised her to work on it. What I found today is that he was reading a guide book to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

The lesson here is, commitment. We rarely find this in our local people, Indonesian. But the moment I saw this man, I was greatly impressed by his commitment.

Commitment, something thatImust work on. Maybe you too! Let’s work together then!

Nerves of Steel

I got a lot of problems lately. I do not dare to say that my problem is so big and depressing. But let me express something that was in my mind. This is about people who tried their best in order to make the system works and still putting up a big smile on their face.

Somehow there were a lot of users recieving errors in the company I am working at. I am as a support needs to serve the business users in order to make my company’s business process working like a fine gear. We are the grease. Somehow, when a lot of errors come, users tend not to care and keep pushing us. What we should do is keep calm, smile, and trace the error to its root.

Often the error is related to the data upladed. To check the data, one have to simulate the process and track it using the debugging feature in IDE. Well, it was not one or two, but a thousand of client’s data to be analyzed. We use different methods and well known problem solving way. It is really stressing sometimes when you lost track or the error is just about missing character in the uploaded files.

People like us must face users with nerves of steel. Maybe Titanium is the best song for us. The same happened too with so many people out there,even with bigger problems as fact. People like us are not invincible. We are just grease that make the machine works.

Not Even God Wants You Die

Sekali ini aku nulis dalam bahasa Indonesia, karena lebih enak untuk ngomel dalam bahasa sendiri. Hari Minggu ini, khotbah di gereja berkata kalau Tuhan sama sekali tidak menginginkan kematian orang orang fasik, melainkan menginginkan pertobatan dari orang orang fasik.

Dulu, orang Israel sangat berdosa dan mereka merasa ga ada lagi yang bisa menyelamatkan mereka. Dosa mereka terlalu besar dan mereka merasa tak ada lagi pengampunan mereka. Wajar, kalau dilihat dari perjanjian lama di Alkitab, juga mungkin catatan sejarah, mereka sudah berkali kali terjajah dan berada dalam pembuangan.

Satu waktu, ada seorang nabi bernama Yehezkiel, dan dikatakan Tuhan padanya, bahwa Israel pun masih diinginkan pertobatannya walau sudah sangat berdosa. Akhirnya, memang tergenapi bahwa Israel diselamatkan, dan bahkan Yesus datang untuk menebus semua. Tidak hanya orang Israel saja, tetapi semua bangsa.

Sekarang, kita refleksikan ke diri kita sendiri. Kalau teman kita salah,kita maafkan ga? Kalau teman kita menyebalkan sekali, kita bimbing kah dia ke jalan yang benar? Kayanya kita lebih sering bilang, “Yeah, whatever.” Well kalau sering begitu, kita juga salah dong.

Masih sering ga kita menghukum orang berlebihan sampai sampai orang pun merasa kita yang salah? Sering ga kita ga maafin orang yang udah minta maaf? Sering ga kita give zero fucks ke oranf orang yang sebenarnya jelas jelas salah di depan mata kita? Well, it’s time to change.

LG G3 Personal Review

Finally the new phonehas arrived!

First glance, the phone was nice. Then I tried to install the battery and it was really light.

Camera is good enough. Though, you know, phone didn’t use optical zoom and it makes the image blurred when you zoom. The processor is quite fast. It is compatible with the RAM. Tried to run dual screen with games and itran nicely.

I only stuck on SIM card and SD card placement. Only to save space and make this phone really slim, you have to take the battery out first then replace your SIM/SD card.

Overall, nice and worth to buy. What comes to my mind is that, this will be my small machine for the next 4 or 5 years.