Nerves of Steel

I got a lot of problems lately. I do not dare to say that my problem is so big and depressing. But let me express something that was in my mind. This is about people who tried their best in order to make the system works and still putting up a big smile on their face.

Somehow there were a lot of users recieving errors in the company I am working at. I am as a support needs to serve the business users in order to make my company’s business process working like a fine gear. We are the grease. Somehow, when a lot of errors come, users tend not to care and keep pushing us. What we should do is keep calm, smile, and trace the error to its root.

Often the error is related to the data upladed. To check the data, one have to simulate the process and track it using the debugging feature in IDE. Well, it was not one or two, but a thousand of client’s data to be analyzed. We use different methods and well known problem solving way. It is really stressing sometimes when you lost track or the error is just about missing character in the uploaded files.

People like us must face users with nerves of steel. Maybe Titanium is the best song for us. The same happened too with so many people out there,even with bigger problems as fact. People like us are not invincible. We are just grease that make the machine works.

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