New Game on My Phone, “Heroes of Loot”

Recently, I visit humble bundle and take a look on mobile bundle. Then I get this amazing game, Heroes of Loot!

Played it for several hours last night. Too bad that my purchase is not synchronised with google play. I would like to give them a five stat for great achievement system and gameplay.

The concept is simple. You adventure as one hero and crawl the dungeon. Inside you can meet various monsters small to huge. Not also that, random shops selling items are also inside. Not to mention random quest asking you to finish dungeon in specific time, or slay some monsters in a time limit.

Overall you will die. Surely, you will die inside the dungeon. Somehow you get better in crawling the dungeon and get the excitement. Never had I spend my time in such excitement while playing a mobile game! 5/5 for this game!

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