DNA Mapping

Hello! I had this idea when IPv6 firstly intorduced. I put this here now because recently I talked about inventions and reaearch with my coworker.

Imagine of there is a DNA database. It stores the DNA information in your body. Your specification and uniqueness. Not exactly how you are, but more like what you really are when you are born.

The next part is what if we had a scanner. It can scan the DNA of living being just like a barcode scanner. DNA db is expanded and even all species and kinds of living being is stored. You can scan your friend and people around you. You can know whether they are a fugitive or a kind man. Even better you can know what kind of insects dwelling in your garden. You can be proud of if a rare species exists there!

Further more,what if every devices is mappex with your DNA? You can have limitless or limited to certain number of devices. Lost devices can be found easily.

Let us not stop right there. You can have a smart home. Your refigerator is having your DNA address and only you and your family can access it. Your dog feeder will only give food when your dog asks for it. Even your room, your private room can only be accessed by yourself. Hacking will be harder then.

Gun selling will be easily tracked. Each guns can be used only by the registered DNA owner. Even ammo will have track of DNA to see who is the one making the bullet.

Everything is mapped. You own your own things. Surely you can still share because you can add other DNA as authorized user of your things. Would everything be easy?


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