Timing is Important

Importance of timing is very high.

Like when you are the main hitter in baseball game. You came out latest when all base is full and create a big home run and flush the whole bases.

Like when you are going to the exam, and you show up right on time for a quick review on the topic and confidently answer all the questions in the end.

Like when you face a big black bull, you wait and for the right moment to dodge and swing the red cape.

Like when you as the carry of the team, showed up correctly when the enemies are gathered and you can cast your ultimate skill to gain rampage. Or you are the initiator, blinked when all of your team ready to ambush.

Like when you put the locking between queries on the same table, the timing on the thread must be correctly set so that no deadlock error sent to the application.

Like when you need to pull that out right before you can’t hold it anymore.

Like when you upgrade your server on a green zone rather than on the busy hour and suspend all transactions.

Timing is important, just simply important.

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