Auf Wiedersehen

I officially left the company yesterday. Leaving an incomplete handbook for my colleagues to fill in and a great team along with it.

It is hard to leave such a great team filled with friendly people to work with. Leaving people that can hear what your struggles is. Leaving people that can accept your craziness.

It is hard to start anew.

As we are with the same people doing similar things together for months, we became attached to them. Felt like we lost a well built relationship. Leaving friends that is as mad as you.

It is irritating to respawn in a different checkpoint.

Even harder when we know that people we once know is also leaving the old place. It is like that place no longer means anything. We should move on and mark our own place and position.

But we are like boxtrolls, we got to move to a bigger box as we grow. The same goes as to our friends. Altogether move into newer boxes.

Moving is inevitable, but it was not a “bye” that I said. It is harsh to say it. Auf wiedersehen, till we meet again pals!

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