Damn Mistakes!

People made mistakes. As fact, I did a pretty big one couple of days ago and it was just impacted and known this morning.

Why are those mistakes exists? I asked myself. I felt so guilty to people that have been harmed by my mistakes. I tried hard to fix it, but it was already too late. I can do nothing to correct it. I can only fix the value and then continue on. The record stayed and it will always contains my name in it.

But everything that came will left something to stay. Everything, even mistakes like this. There are lesson learned behind this mistake. A high priced lesson. A way to enhance the way things worked is sometimes gained. Or a new opportunity to tell people about.

Things do happened and sometimes we cannot do anything about it.

At least we can say that to our self.

Mistakes are exist also to remind us that we cannot do anything without any help. We will often be wrong and we wont know that since there are no people to point those mistakes at all. Always acting as Mr. Correct or Mr. Right, no one will ever grow or worse, know their own vulnerabilities.

I think mistakes are also exists to as a huge critic to what we have done. It will make us learn something new. Let us discover our own exploit holes.

Things do happened, and we can grow from it.

At last I finally learned that.

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