You Got To Make The Move

You got to make the move. Either it is a move in Pokemon battle, casting DoTA skill, finishing UNO move, or even dating the girl.

Take the lead when you are sure. March onward when you are ready. Defeat your fear and make the move. Universe will not support you the whole time, you know.

When the arrow is pulled, when the target acquired, and the shot is clear, make the shot. Finish the job and take the shot. Not all the time your target showed a window for you to shoot, you know.

Dance when the dance floor is heated. Pick the girl and give her the dance she deserved. Make the move and swing with the music. The moment may will not come again, you know.

When you make the resolution, think about it and make it true. Dare to take action because it was meant to be done! Set your sight up because you need to and you want to. Because you might be success while everyone else failing, you know.

When you meet the person you find attractive in an instant, quickly test the feeling. You might have met your one true love! There is nothing wrong in expressing your feeling in a gentle and correct way, rather than just keeping it in yourself. She or he might have a crush on you too, you know.

Not all the time you get the same chance. Do not miss any single chance. Take it while you can, because those chances are made to be taken, not wasted.

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