What A Beautiful Plan

Today I am going to the gym and have 1 hour on treadmill.


Ridiculous Examples

Dad vs Friend

You know, like when you told your friend that you would meet him on cafe A but you couldn’t because suddenly you had to accompany your dad to build your dog’s house.

You and your friend planned to meet, have a great chat, play games together, might even race to hit the same girl in the bar.

Your father, in the other hand, also had a plan to build a dog house with you because it was basically your dog. You asked him to adopt the dog. Your father think that it would make you and your dog bond better.

Such a beautiful plans, aren’t those?!

Job vs SO

You know, you planned to buy a complete collection of your favorite movie. BUUUUUUUUT, you couldn’t because you had to agree to your SO when asked to go on Europe tour with together.

You planned to buy that collection, brag it to everyone, you might be able to sell it in the future for higher price!

Your SO, in the other hand, also had a plan to visit various romantic place in Europe. Taste the best wine in Italy with you and spend the night making out under the light of Eiffel Tower.

Such a beautiful plans, aren’t those?!


A and B had a meeting to take the journey together to City D. B said, he will consider it. A, in the other hand, had prepared his rations, their route, and everything. Right just one month before agreed day, B told A that he will travel alone because A is such a burden. IN YOUR FACE A! If you asked me how’s A doing, he was eaten by worms by now.


For goodness sake, you put one in front of the other. You put your dad and your SO before you. YOU PICKED ONE. Well, it might not always the best choice in the future, but you still picked one.

Those sacrifices, small or big, you made it. You know you have to make it! Maybe, in the bar you planned to visit with your friend, you could meet a very nice blonde lawyer that looking for a man exactly like you. But in your mind, your dog, who is more loyal to you than your friend to you might catch cold if his house is not finished by today. DAMN! THAT PRICE, MAN! If that truly happened, you had sacrificed your destiny to your dog.

Plan More

Well, you may have guessed what’s going to be written here. Alternative plans are needed in everything that you have planned. For example, if suddenly meteor going to hit earth, would you still make your dog’s house? Just hold him tight. The same as other. You can hold him tight all the night, anyway. He is still warm and your dad is happy because you can bond with your dog. You also are happy for you can hang out with your friend.

Never ever prematurely assume things to happened according to you. Do you know Jesus? Even He once asked so that he might not be crucified to clean your sin! He knew that for long that it should be happened, but He taught us to say, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Plan, plan, plan, and plan! Do it because you need to!

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