LTE Setting LG G3 [Solved]

After a long time arguing with my own, I found out that the first batch of LG G3 sent to Indonesia, the International version, had their LTE setting disabled. Thank God, there is XDA forum. Also thank God, I have rooted my phone.

The solution is simple if you had rooted your phone. This will require a rooted file explorer like ES File explorer.

  1. Make sure that your root setting enabled in the explorer.
  2. Go to \system\app.
  3. There will be a folder named LteConfigs. You can either delete of move the whole folder somewhere else. I personally remove the whole folder.
  4. Restart the phone.
  5. Voila!

For note, I also tried to dialĀ 3845#*855# and setting through that. But the setting is gone when the phone restarted. I also tried editing using prop editor, but somehow the setting also reset when you restart your phone. So, this is considered as a permanent solution for me.

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