Perceiving Beauty

Nice landscape, beautiful painting, artistic creation, stripped from all the art, who can find the beauty in it? Scientist.

It is beauty how flowers’ color changed due to acidity of the soil. It was also affected by what kind of animal that helped its pollen spreading pattern. Using enough nutrients to produce the exact color to attract the bees. Not only the color, but also the shape. How some flowers mimic the shape of some animals, only to attract their prey or scare their predators. Secreting deadly sweet nectar to get the intoxicated bugs’ protein. Evolving through through ages only for that sake.

Like how the trees can grow in fractals. Each branch produces two, not mathematically identical, not physically the same, not even have the same angular ratio, but staying the same in every branches. There is an order out of chaos can be found in every plants. Imperfect copies but orderly shaped.

If you ever scuba diving, you must have met the sea anemones. An Anthozoa with the radial symmetry. For millions of years living in symmetry, living in mathematical equation, creating a beautiful shores for us to enjoy. Giacomo Merculiano even make the paintings on how colorful they are.

The beauty of the immortality, inspired us all from long time ago. Alchemists spend their life only to make the philosophers stone. Mummies, vampires, Cthulhu, phoenix, ancient dragons, there are lots of legends of immortal creatures. As all jellyfish able to live for eternity, by living through cycles, they are biologically immortal. Of course, scientists found this beauty.

Musics are using Fibonacci numbers, golden ratio used to define artistic, measurement of architecture to create the perfect voice echo in opera house. Many things are beautiful in this place we live on. Do not ever say that looking at it through another’s glass can reduce the value of excitement when enjoying a simple thing from nature, it will only add.

Inspired by an amazing post from zenpencils.

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