On Hate

My grandmother said to me one day, “If you hate to be dirty so much, clean everything!” As I grow up, that sentence make sense.

I know, we judge the whole as fast as a meteor pulled by Earth’s gravity. We cannot avoid that to happened in our life. That will happened, people will someday hate your for some reason. Either if you made that reason, or other people with the same attributes (ethnic, religion, or beliefs). What I learn is how to grow from it. Also how to pay them with bigger insult.

We are all aware of how Muslims been labelled unilaterally. Lots of people label them as terrorist. They stereotyping people like they know everything about them. As if all Muslims are like that. Well, personally I befriend with Muslims and not one of them are like that.

Just now, I read that some people are updating their social media with hate speech on my own Batak ethnicity. I was insulted, really. But then I kept digging for some facts and flaws. The truth is that she is also befriend with other Bataknese. She said that her friend is different than other Bataknese.


That was my face exactly. What I conclude is that she put a double standard and stereotype on people.

I cannot change her mind, I cannot change their opinion, I do not know her. Well, if I cannot do anything, what can I do then?! I fellow friends, insult them harder! MUAHAHAHA!!!

Yes, really, insult them harder. Not by saying bad words. It would just make you the same as them, not harder. How to insult 101:

  1. Let them know what laws can do to them when they perform hate speech. I know, this is too much, using the law, but well, you have all the rights!
  2. If they generalize whatever it is, face them with facts that they are worse. What was worse than having someone you called shit is better than you?
  3. Somehow, if you do those, they will be defensive, show more facts that their relatives and families are also worse. The answer to number two is to realize that you are full of shit staying around worse shit and grown up with worst shit.
  4. Face that bitch by doing what’s opposite from their opinion. This one is better if you are backed up with some people. Why? Because when you are doing it in group, the result is even more insulting to them.
  5. Don’t be sarcastic, she is too stupid for it.

Well, Jesus was right, giving your other cheek to someone slapping you is insulting them even worse. It was like, “It does not hurt, brah! That’s all you’ve got?! Here another opening for you to do better!” Well, after that add this line “Oh, after two slaps you cannot even hurt me? Such a shame on a weakling!”

You don’t face haters with only some sentences stating that they are wrong, etc etc. Take action, show them the truth, uncover their flaws, exploit, make them feeling worse. Only by that you can defeat the haters.


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