Spotify Review As Indonesian

Earlier I used Rdio for my music needs. As we know Rdio gave so much options and features to their users. Then when Spotify came to Indonesia, I began to put my attention there.

Their easy payment options really makes me comfortable. Unlike Rdio earlier that only accepted credit card, Spotify can be paid even through Alfamart! The subscription is IRD49K for a month. Premium members can play all of the songs without ads and restriction. For the deal breaker, I still can find Trio Ambisi in spotify. Offline playing is also given to premium members. Just like Rdio, I can also pick the quality to the downloaded songs. The downloaded songs also shows no error so far and the bit rate is quite good (so far). There is no sudden stop in the playback and little noise could be found.

Then I put a little testing last night while waiting for my gf packing. Test is conducted with LG G3 phone and ATH-MSR7 headphone. Really basic daily gear, so that I could get the general concept of their quality. For note, I do not use any amplifier application in the play store.

Testing on classical vocals, I picked Sarah Brightman, Celtic Woman, and Andrea Bocelli. I compare it against predownloaded lossless and also mp3. In the mp3 I can find a lot of noises, not really that clear using common headsets, but MSR7 shows it so clear. Lossless in the other hand is the best. Comparing it to spotify ultra quality, the clearness of vocal can be felt in both. When reaching high pitched vocal from Celtic Woman, the result on both lossless and spotify is not so different. I can still hear it clearly, but with a little noise from spotify.

Testing on rocks, I picked Skindred and MCR. Again with predownloaded mp3 and lossless. MP3 is doing good since the noise is hidden between those cymbals and guitars. So what to seek when comparing the rocks? In lossless you can hear the moving fingers between guitar strings if you can put your ear so sharp. Using spotify I hear clean music, those little sounds is not heard at all. So I guess it is still good for spotify.

The hardest is when testing with classic instrument musics. There are so many choices available. I picked those from London Philharmonic Orchestra the 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music album and the Very Best of Beethoven album. This time no testing on mp3 since I do not have one. Against lossless quality in London Philharmonic Orchestra’s songs, spotify can be said quite close to it. In lossless I can hear tiny violin strings from the back and in spotify I can also hear such sound. The general sound can be heard and the music is also clear. But when I tried the Beethoven’s violin concerto seems gone cloudy for the sounds felt like replacing each other, unlike the lossless version which I can hear everything so clear.

In the end, though I still prefer lossless, I like spotify. After the 30 days free trial, I will surely subscribe as premium user. I also wanted to recommend it to all, that is why I put this review in my blog.


I also tried using spotify for desktop, it turns out good. Noise can only be found when I was playing with really old songs which recorded with older devices and not have been digitally remastered yet. Simple connection testing using biznet home network also shows that I can still play dota while streaming high quality from spotify.

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