Why I Do Not Trust Critics That Much

So I saw the movie, Warcraft: The Beginning, and also a review by an Indonesian reviewer in Indonesian TechInAsia. I was rather sad that the reviewer point out so much negativity in the movie. I do appreciate that he was non-fan, but IMHO so many point he made was some kind of affected by other.

I agree with the hurried tempo in the movie, because it is very difficult to deliver so much lore.

However, with the half-assed conflict, I think is one of the critics who IMHO not focus on all the scenes. For if critics can follow the story easily, how could he not understand the conflict that arises within Orgrim whether to follow the footsteps his Cieftain, or his Warchief? He was telling that the plot foundation is not explained in the movie. He point that by stating this statement.

For example, Garona, half-orc female characters. But the other half is not at all clear is told in the film. The audience who have never read the novel will surely be confused throughout the film.

For example, when the execution of Warchief Blackhand by Gul’Dan which are precisely described in the film. How to death instead Meldivh also described in the film (which incidentally, in the first game there is only one regular soldier, with no name who killed him). Then explained also the origin of all this power, that is from another world, whether it’s another dimension or another planet when the scene Alodi and Garona interrogation scene.

Then what was the difference with LOTR? Not everyone that went to watch the movie know that know how Bilbo got the One Ring. Also, the failure of the critic that cannot see how the plot grows make his article worse. In the movie, I think it was clear enough that Durotan oppose the use of Fel, while Orgrim does not really sure about rejecting or accepting his Chief’s idea.

Also all of LOTR lore are explained thoroughly in The Silmarillion. That book surely is very hard to be put in a movie. Even never for once that the LOTR movie tell how the world was created. The same goes to Warcraft. I know that Blizzard is creating a novel series, Warcraft Traveler Book to explain all the lore existed in Warcraft.

IMHO, is trying to do by the manufacturer, Duncan Jones, is making a movie pilot that actually has a high appeal to be able to sell franchisenya again in the future. Through this film, the audience that in fact nobody knows and follows the lore from the start and play all game, and there is nothing at all, got an interest (or interest back) to the Blizzard franchise. And, honestly, I think Duncan Jones has done its job well enough.


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