Annie, the review

After waiting for a long time, finally I watched my first live Broadway musical. Here, I will describe my view about the show. Don’t worry as I will not spoil anything from the show.

In the orphanage, Annie was like the leader of all the children. There are some differences with the original script. You can spot all the little differences everywhere and not only occurs only in the beginning. Don’t let that bother you because all the essence are still the same and the show are still great.

The actress that acted as Miss Hannigan did really well. She was really stressed because of the little girls, and her “medicine”. Of all, she showed how a woman who usually drink with a big dream for herself would act. I think she deserved a reward for being so good in the scenes.

Grace Farrell was gorgeous! Rooster was amazing! Now, I am sure why Rooster liked her on the first sight. Other that he kept calling her “Blondie”, his eye gazed her like he was attracted by strong force. Their voice is strong and I like it. It was just, Rooster forgot his dialogue once. But he plays the man really well overall. Bert Healy knows really well how to impress the crowd. The whole orphanage children did well in each acts.

The actor that acted as Oliver Warbucks nailed the show. He acts really well, his voice is strong and full. He was great, just great, and he exceed my expectations. Every expression is shown really well.

The music was great and charming, even though I can’t see the musicians, but I really adore their brass and strings. Well balanced and played well.

The sound is not really that loud. I am not sure whether the sound system is to blame or not enough settings conducted. Well, my ear could be wrong too! But I was sure I heard some noises from the speaker in the middle of the show. Else, the sound was great.

It is not me if I was not feeling angry at something. What bothers me is the people, the audience. They watched the show, while not getting all the points made about the depressions, and so focused on Annie’s story. Well, I might be wrong to blame them on that. But, to take pictures while the show was still on the stage was intolerable. I mean, you pay so much for the seat and you still behave like someone who was just came out from a pitch black deep ocean.

As the conclusion, I love the show. Even though I cannot watch it with my lovely gf, I still love it. The actors are great, everything is generally great. I can’t wait for the next show so that I might be able to watch it with my gf!

One thought on “Annie, the review

  1. have you watched the movie Annie by Jamie Foxx?
    the same tittle and the similar orphanage thing remind me to that movie.
    is “the original script” you mentioned refers to that movie?

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