Why I Start Painting

So, actually it had been a year since the last post. I tried to post more often than this, but I just not able to find inspiration to post. Right now, I will tell you a story on why I start painting.

Lavender by Aditya, 2020. Acrylic on paper. This is actually my third painting.

Personally, I like paintings but not really into making one. I had to blame youtube for the suggestion on Bob Ross and Wow Art channel that inspires me back to painting. I also had to blame my fear in not able to support my future children if they choose painting as their path of art.

I started painting long ago from elementary school. It was depressing time as my art sense is so dull and I don’t have any idea on how to make it better. When I was in senior high, I was actually introduced to technical drawing. The idea was to help those who wanted to hop in to architecture department, and I was forced into the drawing since it was a part of curriculum. I actually made a very first still painting of flowers in a vase using oil on paper medium. Gladly, that painting was framed and displayed in my grandma’s room.

Since 2019, I started to see recommendations from youtube for Bob Ross. It was so calming and I often used the channel videos as sleeping pills. Until late 2019, I started to question myself, what if my children one day wanted to paint and I cannot help them to start out?

The thought actually stressed me out and I talked to my girlfriend about that. Thank God, she supported me on the idea for me to paint. But I still had not started to paint at all. I just didn’t know where to start and how.

As time goes, I kept watching Bob Ross’ videos and I thought youtube start to read that as my preference. On November 2019, Wow Art was still a new channel on youtube and I get a recommendation to watch that channel. I thought, why not, the result seemed to be convincing, so I watched it. I had exactly no idea that the art will actually moved me. It made me asked my girlfriend, “What if we had a full wall decorated by our painting and our children’s painting?” She said that it was a good idea.

Suddenly I was picked as coordinator for art department in my alumni group. I was shocked as I really never plan to continue on doing the same role. But I accepted it thinking, maybe this is my chance to convince myself more on painting and exploring a different perspective of art.

I got convinced so much that I started to browse painting supplies. I started to research what medium should I learn. I started to plan on picking acrylic and canvas as my medium. I watched so much video of Wow Art on youtube and I thought, hmmm, maybe I can start painting using the method. By May, I decided to buy a starter kit for acrylic painting.

Turned out, it was hard. No joke, it was hard. It was hard to express what you want to draw. It was hard to start and suddenly be satisfied. It was enjoyable but I was not fully satisfied. I thought, my second painting was still incomplete and I had no idea how to complete it even now when I write this post.

As a department coordinator I made a commitment of one video and one blog content to be published as alumni. I thought, I need to make a more simple art, something that can reach out to people watching the video and get the struggle of starting out painting. What cross my idea was to paint flowers. Flowers are my first painting after all.

I thought, I need to make it simple and not using much effort to made. And there it goes, I finished the third painting, Lavender, as you can see in the post. I think I am satisfied on the result. It was quite simple and the video (which had not been published now) is quite describing on the steps. Anyone should be able to catch on the subject. I use primary colors with black and white, simple brushes, and simple tools.

I guess I started painting because I need to. I want to blame youtube and my fear, but in the end, it was my need. I need to make one and I desired to make one. I thought it will turned out bad, but I got compliments. Now, I think I will start another painting, soon. Not because I have to fill in my content quota, not because I want to be complimented. But, because I want to do it. I want to paint what I have in mind.

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