Higher You Go

So recently I happened to see Will and Jada. I don’t really like Will Smith’s later movies. I liked him, but not so much after The Pursuit of Happyness. This time I have to say, I felt kind of bad to him since Jada revealed everything in Red Table Talk. Not only he became a meme, but also his friends mocked him. Then I think of some lessons that I can take in.

People will do anything they want

So, as we all know, humans have the freedom to do anything as they want. Well, there are laws, but you can never really restrain someone unless he is dead. They will criticize you, mock you, be rude to you. They can also praise you, give you the highest honor, or even cheers in your name. The good thing is, you can also do the same. That’s a critical point that we need to know. We are just the same.

What makes you different? Maybe you lead a team, a company, or even better, a nation. You do things, create bills, you create the rules. You are higher than the others. That makes you different, and that makes you noticeable. Both of you are still human. You can mock them as they can do to you.

Realize that it was just their opinion

Knowing that people say anything to us, meaning that we have something that made them notice us. We already get their attention. Now it is their time to give their feedback. Remember, feedback is their opinion. As long as it was just their opinion, then happily accept it all. You will get it no matter what you do. Even if they just sit in the corner, and not responding, maybe that’s their best answer.

They may include some facts along with it, so do you. And when both collide, the opinion becomes the truth. Should you be sad if the truth is so painful? Well, of course. However, it is good that you know what happened, so that you may learn and grow better.

Take the lesson

As you gain insight, you start to gain more knowledge. You know yourself better, able to straighten up some messy things in your life, or whatever it is. Next time you do the same things, you will start with a better position.

But remember, you have values in your life that you feel not right to change. You may keep it, but adjust it to make it more suitable for you and others. Don’t just remove your values because it makes you unique.

Manage your expectation

You cannot just do something and expect the whole world to accept it. It will not work like that. Be aware that whatever you do, there will be consequences. You cannot expect people to praise you when you burn their house. Remember a positive attitude causing positive feedback. Well, there may be some negative ones, and you use it as your way to grow. It is you that need to distance yourself from toxic people. You cannot expect people to get away from you.

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