Troubles on After Delete Trigger on SQL Server

So, last week, I stumbled upon an error in an application used frequently in the company I am working for. The problem occurred when executing a statement to delete data preventing redundancies when uploading a new batch of data. Sure, my team was appointed to fix the error since I am working as a support in … Continue reading Troubles on After Delete Trigger on SQL Server

Clustered dan Non-clustered Index

Well, lagi lagi database. Ini sebenarnya tugas aku dikasi sama dosen Database System aku di PI Del. Kalian taulah PI Del di mana... Pertama, index itu apa? Itu cara untuk pencarian ke tabel. Gini, kalau kita baca buku, kan bisa liat index. Kalau kita baca per halaman kan lelet nyarinya... Nah, index di tabel berarti … Continue reading Clustered dan Non-clustered Index