Sitecore – WURFL or Sitecore Device Default Detection

Hi all! I return from my long blogging-hibernation. Lately, I encounter a little problem with mobile detection in Sitecore. Before that, yes, I am still working on the website of my company's client and yes, though I really tired of this Sitecore stuffs, I still feel so curious about it. I hope through this post, … Continue reading Sitecore – WURFL or Sitecore Device Default Detection

the Streets – Urban Life in Metromini Jakarta

Such a long time no press! Yeah, I was busy preparing for my job, doing tasks, etc. So my current position now is in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I am using public transport as my main transportation. So I was in metromini one night. A red and dirty bus. Quite big, but still … Continue reading the Streets – Urban Life in Metromini Jakarta

Editors and You

Hello! I am writing this because I think it is important for everyone. It is about choosing your most suitable weapon (text editor) in battle (web/app development). Text editors is playing an important act in software/web development. One writes and edit their code in text editor. There are many text editors that give various different … Continue reading Editors and You

Instant or Step-by-Step

Hello! It is me again! I want to discuss about two ways in learning here. My approach is learning in software/web development. In software/web development, the developer have to write their code using text editor or IDE. If they are using text editor, then the code must be interpreted and compiled using different software (not … Continue reading Instant or Step-by-Step