Why We Should Not Say Goodbye

Berpisah, satu kata yang bisa membuat manusia sedih. Berpisah untuk sementara, atau untuk selamanya. Perpisahan pasti terjadi. Kematian menyebabkan perpisahan. Tugas di luar kota juga menyebabkan perpisahan. Perpisahan itu tidak terelakkan.

Karena perpisahan dengan orang yang tersayang, entah itu kematian atau bukan, kita mempunyai harapan. Harapan itu tumbuh dan jadi kekuatan. Harapan itu yang membuat kita menjadi lebih baik. Harapan itu yang membuat kita menyiapkan diri kita untuk segala hal yang akan datang. Berharap akan bertemu mentari lagi di pagi hari. Atau bertemu dengan indahnya salju lagi pada musim dingin. Harapan untuk bertemu lagi dengan apa yang kita sayang.

Karena perpisahan, kita percaya adanya kehidupan setelah kematian. Kita percaya akan dibangkitkan lagi. Kita percaya akan dibuat menjadi sosok yang indah dan dapat bersama orang orang yang kita sayangi lagi. Kita percaya adanya penyelamat yang akan membahagiakan kita. Kita percaya bahwa hari hari penantian kita tidak akan sia sia. Kita percaya bahwa persiapan yang kita sediakan tidak akan percuma dan terbuang. Percaya akan kehidupan yang lebih baik bersama orang yang kita sayang.

Karena perpisahan, kita sadar, betapa berharganya setiap waktu yang ada. Setiap detik yang harus kita jaga dan setiap saat yang harus kita nikmati. Kita jadi menghargai waktu dan usaha, semuanya terlihat lebih baik dan lebih meyakinkan jika tiap waktu luang dimanfaatkan untuk bertemu kembali. Waktu yang dulunya kita buang, kini kita jaga sedemikian rupa. Kita akan menyadari infinitas yang terdapat di setiap satuan detik yang ada pada waktu. Kita menghargai waktu, karena kita menunggu orang yang berarti dalam hidup kita.

Karena perpisahan, kita semangat untuk menunggu saat untuk bertemu di waktu berikutnya. Kita dengan semangat membara mempersiapkan diri dan memperbaiki apa saya untuk membuat pesona tersendiri bagi orang yang akan kita temui. Kita semangat untuk hidup karena kita tahu kita akan bertemu lagi. Semangat bertahan karena kita tahu, pertemuan akan terjadi lagi.

Jangan pernah katakan selamat tinggal. Karena dengan selamat tinggal, kita kehilangan harapan, kepercayaan, kemampuan menjaga tiap waktu kita, dan semangat untuk hidup. Selamat tinggal hanya sebuah frase, sama seperti perpisahan hanya sebuah kata.

Jangan pernah katakan selamat tinggal, aku lebih memilih sampai jumpa. Karena kita akan bertemu lagi, aku tahu itu.

Lesson from An Unknown Japanese

Yesterday, around this hour, I met a Japanese person. Apparently he worked in the same company as mine. We met in the lift and he was with a women he had just had a meeting with.

I remember the woman told him to work on his Bahasa Indonesia. He said yes and he promised her to work on it. What I found today is that he was reading a guide book to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

The lesson here is, commitment. We rarely find this in our local people, Indonesian. But the moment I saw this man, I was greatly impressed by his commitment.

Commitment, something thatImust work on. Maybe you too! Let’s work together then!


Nerves of Steel

I got a lot of problems lately. I do not dare to say that my problem is so big and depressing. But let me express something that was in my mind. This is about people who tried their best in order to make the system works and still putting up a big smile on their face.

Somehow there were a lot of users recieving errors in the company I am working at. I am as a support needs to serve the business users in order to make my company’s business process working like a fine gear. We are the grease. Somehow, when a lot of errors come, users tend not to care and keep pushing us. What we should do is keep calm, smile, and trace the error to its root.

Often the error is related to the data upladed. To check the data, one have to simulate the process and track it using the debugging feature in IDE. Well, it was not one or two, but a thousand of client’s data to be analyzed. We use different methods and well known problem solving way. It is really stressing sometimes when you lost track or the error is just about missing character in the uploaded files.

People like us must face users with nerves of steel. Maybe Titanium is the best song for us. The same happened too with so many people out there,even with bigger problems as fact. People like us are not invincible. We are just grease that make the machine works.


Not Even God Wants You Die

Sekali ini aku nulis dalam bahasa Indonesia, karena lebih enak untuk ngomel dalam bahasa sendiri. Hari Minggu ini, khotbah di gereja berkata kalau Tuhan sama sekali tidak menginginkan kematian orang orang fasik, melainkan menginginkan pertobatan dari orang orang fasik.

Dulu, orang Israel sangat berdosa dan mereka merasa ga ada lagi yang bisa menyelamatkan mereka. Dosa mereka terlalu besar dan mereka merasa tak ada lagi pengampunan mereka. Wajar, kalau dilihat dari perjanjian lama di Alkitab, juga mungkin catatan sejarah, mereka sudah berkali kali terjajah dan berada dalam pembuangan.

Satu waktu, ada seorang nabi bernama Yehezkiel, dan dikatakan Tuhan padanya, bahwa Israel pun masih diinginkan pertobatannya walau sudah sangat berdosa. Akhirnya, memang tergenapi bahwa Israel diselamatkan, dan bahkan Yesus datang untuk menebus semua. Tidak hanya orang Israel saja, tetapi semua bangsa.

Sekarang, kita refleksikan ke diri kita sendiri. Kalau teman kita salah,kita maafkan ga? Kalau teman kita menyebalkan sekali, kita bimbing kah dia ke jalan yang benar? Kayanya kita lebih sering bilang, “Yeah, whatever.” Well kalau sering begitu, kita juga salah dong.

Masih sering ga kita menghukum orang berlebihan sampai sampai orang pun merasa kita yang salah? Sering ga kita ga maafin orang yang udah minta maaf? Sering ga kita give zero fucks ke oranf orang yang sebenarnya jelas jelas salah di depan mata kita? Well, it’s time to change.

Moment of Reflection

A few days ago I was in an Jakarta public transport. It was crowded since I was going back on busy hour. Halfway, there was an old lady getting in the bus. Sadly, though, she had to stand because all seats were taken. Somehow, a teenager, with piercing everywhere, torn jeans, and dirty jacket gave the old lady his seat. Don’t ask me why I didn’t give her mine, because I was standing, too.

When I looked around, I found that the bus was so crowded with people showing their social status. Two women were in a nice suit and wearing rosary on their neck, four men wearing koko suit and there are black marks on their forehead, telling that they often went to mosque and pray, that teenager (who gave his seat) with his friend, and the rest are employees with clean clothes and tidy hair.

I was like, “What happened here?” We often judge people by their appearance, putting people in social status, and tell them, “You belong there, I belong here, because I am bla bla bla bla bla!” The fact is, all those people who did not give their seat is much lower and nastier than the teenager with torn jeans and piercing all over his body! Yeah, it was not possible for everyone to give the lady their seat, but at least, if you saw someone struggling right in front of your eyes, and you did nothing?! Come on, people, wake up! Thing that make it worse is that one of those ladies with rosary is posting on their path account about their sympathy for Palestine! WTF?!

Spoiled Programmer

Hi! This blog is getting lame and its contents are starting to rust.

Still with, me, a web developer, also an application developer, the owner of this blog, Aditya Situmeang. Oh, before we’re getting to the topic of how spoiled I am as a programmer, I would like to announce that I have made a contribution to world music by uploading my own singing recording to soundcloud. You can check it in https://soundcloud.com/aditya-yedija-situmeang

You all, the .NET developers must have known LINQ. For some years LINQ has provided us an easy and fast way to manipulate with our lists of objects. Same here happened to me. As I have made some applications and webs, I stumble upon a client which server are so old, it did not support DBML. Whoa?! How can it be? I don’t know either but about hundreds of hours of testing and about fifty testing data are wasted because they can’t use DBML.

After knowing that their server did not support the technology (which is known after so many failure and they refused to be blamed), I offer them to use native way of using SqlConnection and SqlCommand objects. They agree and it is my job again to repair my codes.

The most surprising thing is that I forgot how to use the native way. The SqlConnection way to connect to database and use SqlCommand to execute your TSQL (TSQL because I use SQLServer of course) had became a new thing for me, again. I searched and what I got are silly tutorials in the internet. That means I did not search really well. Then I remember http://www.dotnetperls.com/ and they have the material that I needed. Fortunately everything is going well, though it took me quite a long time to solve the same problem but with native way.

From the story, I know that I have forgotten what was told to me long time ago. “A professional knows the basic and lived the basic. You must not google for something that you’ve lived on.” I have lived that basic way of connecting to database and creating my own connection string. But then, I forgot that way because I live too long in easy way such as LINQ, DBML, plugins from VS, etc. Just like Riddick had been blindsided by the glamour and power when he was the leader of the Necromongers, we programmers, developers, maybe we have been blindsided too, by so many plugins and easy tools that we use.