Editors and You

Hello! I am writing this because I think it is important for everyone. It is about choosing your most suitable weapon (text editor) in battle (web/app development). Text editors is playing an important act in software/web development. One writes and edit their code in text editor. There are many text editors that give various different … Continue reading Editors and You

Instant or Step-by-Step

Hello! It is me again! I want to discuss about two ways in learning here. My approach is learning in software/web development. In software/web development, the developer have to write their code using text editor or IDE. If they are using text editor, then the code must be interpreted and compiled using different software (not … Continue reading Instant or Step-by-Step

No One Success On The First Try

I figure how man think about that sentence. Usually, people tell you that sentence like this: "Don't worry Aditya! No one success on their first attempt." Whoa! Very comforting, I must say. Then there comes a question, so NO ONE is really success on their first attempt, then I can say that if my boss … Continue reading No One Success On The First Try

Long Relationship

Well, people, long time no press! And this is my fresh press today! Last Saturday, April 7, 2012, my relationship with my girl is officially 3 years. It is the first anniversary that we had together because these times we usually separated by distance. What did I expect from this long time relationship? Of course … Continue reading Long Relationship

the Streets – Urban Life in Balige Central Area

Today is Saturday, a week away from my birthday. I do have to go to Balige, a small town in Toba Samosir, North Sumatera, Indonesia. I was looking for some papers as reference for my final task. But I can't resist myself looking at everything around me and write about it. Let's begin from very … Continue reading the Streets – Urban Life in Balige Central Area

the Streets – Urban Life in Pajak Pagi Medan

Long time no see! This is happened yesterday, on a bright and clear morning. On a fresh and beautiful day. Singkatnya, kemarin saya izin bermalam dan ke Medan untuk berlibur. Selanjutnya, pada hari Minggu saya harus kembali ke del. Nah, di pagi itu, saya menemani ibu saya belanja ke pasar tradisional terdekat. Yang saya lakuka … Continue reading the Streets – Urban Life in Pajak Pagi Medan