LG G3 Personal Review

Finally the new phonehas arrived!

First glance, the phone was nice. Then I tried to install the battery and it was really light.

Camera is good enough. Though, you know, phone didn’t use optical zoom and it makes the image blurred when you zoom. The processor is quite fast. It is compatible with the RAM. Tried to run dual screen with games and itran nicely.

I only stuck on SIM card and SD card placement. Only to save space and make this phone really slim, you have to take the battery out first then replace your SIM/SD card.

Overall, nice and worth to buy. What comes to my mind is that, this will be my small machine for the next 4 or 5 years.

Man Who Cried On Dead Dogs In A Movie

I know that I am not the only one. I use 9gag and there are a lot of people with the same feeling as me. Maybe more or less than I know. Somehow, I think this topic is quite interesting since I cried more when my dog was dead or I saw a dog must die in a movie. Remember Seymour waiting for Fry? I bet you cried like a little bitch back then. If you don’t watch the movie, just imagine you lost your little cutie cat.

Just now, I listened to Baba Yetu. Old song, but it was awe-inspiring for me. I heard it the first time I played Civilization 4. It was the theme song, and I can’t take it out of my mind. I watched this wonderful video, well, at least they are wonderful to me. What comes to my mind is what comes to Christopher Tin when he composed this song? IT SOUNDS SO MAJESTIC!!! It really describes how a simple prayer shows the greatness of our God. It is like, Jesus said, pray like this, because it truly describes the greatness and fulfill your needs.

Now about Baba Yetu, I cried when I heard that song. I cried when Andy must leave Woody and pals to Bonnie. I cried when I have to lost my dog, Shiro and Kiki, for old age. I didn’t cry for times when my little cousin hit his head on a fence. Was that wrong?! I don’t think so! It is just we, people like me, have sad nerves which is triggered when we see something really sad.

For example, seeing an old lady had to sell stick ice for living, I cried. A young man asking for money in bus (commonly seen in Jakarta) because he could have robbed us, but he didn’t do that, I am angry. An old man had to pick plastic bottles to continue living, I pity him. A man with quite big posture begging for money because he is healthy, everything is well and he just sit on near a bus stop, I really want to kick him to death with my boots!

For people like us, we have our own style of compassion and pity and sadness. Don’t call us inhuman or lost your humanity because of us.

Suicidal Taxi Driver

Right about just now, I had to take a taxi to my place. I asked the driver that he could drive easily and smoothly in Lebaran Month. Then he started talking about problems he had. He said there was an eternal problem exist in life. Surprisingly, the problem was woman. I then stayed silent as the good and kind passenger. I also heard him humming desperate love songs. As my place is getting close, he started talking more. Finally I said, “You should get drunk and forgot it.” Another surprise is he complained that drinks like Jack D and Red Label price is too high in Jakarta. Anyhow, he was seemed so desperate and his eyes seemed to look on emptiness. He also can’t concentrate for he nearly took a wrong turn. All I can say was that, “Drink up, buddy. You need that.”

Yes, problem is exist in our life. But then what? If you can solve it, then why being stress? If you can’t, then what can you do? Well, then it is not your problem! I mean, if you can even ask someone, then you cold possibly solve it. Also, without the tucking problem, would you exist? Fuckin’ no!!! Your mom and dad had sex because there is a problem if they didn’t have kids. Whether it was pressure from your grands, or they just want it! On my suggestion about being drunk, well it’s up to him. But he should be drinking responsibly. Last but not least, there is no amount of worry that can solve any problem!


Where are You Christmas

Where are you Christmas
Why can’t I find you
Why have you gone away

Living in a big city when I am with the minority religion is quite depressing on days like Christmas. I can’t be with my family for my mom and my dad is visiting my brother in Europe. Well, I don’t mind that. What I have in mind is that I miss spending time with my family and having all our tradition at home again. At least I can go back home and stay in Medan until New Year, but not this year.

My world is changing
I’m rearranging
Does that mean Christmas changes too

Here in Indonesia, we have to celebrate Christmas guarded by police. It is so disturbing and I hate that! I even did not want to go to church because I really hate that! I want to feel the warmth of Christmas, not feel like I was going to be terrorized! If this holiday is for everyone to enjoy, then why should we feel unsafe?

Then I watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” on both 1966 and 2000 version. Later on I know, that maybe I have changed, so that I felt Christmas had changed too. Maybe everyone have changed so that they view Christmas as a threat and must be eliminated. Maybe they can’t feel the warmth of family gathering, and getting closer to each other. Maybe they have forgotten how it feels to be with those they loved on special days like Christmas.

If there is love in your heart and your mind
You will feel like Christmas all the time

I feel you Christmas
I know I’ve found you
You never fade away
The joy of Christmas
Stays here inside us
Fills each and every heart with love

Where are you Christmas
Fill your heart with love

We cannot change Christmas. It has been like that since many ways. If we want it to be good, then fill your heart with love. Because you will make things worse when you filled your heart with hatred.

Merry Christmas every one! Merry Christmas because Christmas is for every one!

Code that Suits Us

Hello! I had quite a small dilemma this month. As fact I am working on a small CMS that I create by myself. Not being arrogant or self prided, it was just for exercise so that I could keep myself away from games (especially DoTA 2 that had taken so many of my Internet quota). I also wish that it will help people one day. As note, Framework Method here means methods that you can use from the framework that can ease your work. Plain Codes here means methods that the language give, using plain language, or method from existing library that the language use. Wrapped Codes are similar like framework method, but it is not always from the framework.

As you people know, I was working on websites using Sitecore, Orchard, and YAF lately. The first story is when I was working with Orchard CMS. The CMS itself has so many interfaces and classes that implements it. If you have ever read Head First OOAD, you encounter a phrase, “You may extend, but may not modify.” Well it is not really like that, but quite similar. For real, I get in touch with that phrase when I worked with Orchard. Somehow, there is a problem. The moment I wanted to add a field on a specific table, I had to add the reference in many files, and created another method related to the module that handles it. Meanwhile, I thought using simple SQL stored procedure could do the same job.

The second story, when I was on Sitecore, I wanted to add simple cookie to my web. It should be as simple as in MSDN, I am sure. At first, of course, I tried plain codes first. I got stressed somehow because my cookie is exist in the response header, but not injected to the browser. Later on, then I learned that Sitecore have their own method on adding cookie to the website. The method simplify our task in creating cookie, but it is such a pain in the ass because the limitation that it gives. While in the plain codes I mention earlier, I can modify much as I want. I am not saying that Sitecore is little evil because of that. I ever tried to send email using plain code and it works just the same like using Sitecore sending email method.

The third story, this is related to the second story. I created the cookie using jQuery cookie this time. Somehow, there is only one method, but, the parameters give the plugin user more flexibility in creating the cookie. Also from the file, I can extend the method easily (follows the OOAD rule, eh?).

The fourth and the last (finally!) story, when I was using Code Igniter (PHP). They have their own methods, they create it as flexible as possible, and also, when I use the plain methods, what I wish is what I got (with some trial-error of course).

Finally I come to this part, meditation. As I am going to create my small CMS, I come to conclusion, I better let the future developer able to use plain methods, more extensible methods, and provide flexible-as-possible framework methods. Letting the developer using plain codes is somehow letting their more expressive. But also, if I want to create a framework method for my CMS, I better make it as flexible as possible.

Again, I am not trying to judge every single CMS/platform/Framework that I use. I just use it as my daily experience. Everything is great and good, but of course everything has a flaw. Maybe for me I don’t like it, then I consider it as flaw, for others is good. Feel free to comment 😀


I run into something a very unpleasant experience with my girlfriend. We fight because of something. From that I got an idea to post. So let me share.

What a detail means to you? Is something detailed is bad or not necessary? Do you love something abstract or placed by a well named variable? Well, everything is depend on your view. But for me, details are important and something too detailed is not necessary but have to be placed. What was that means?!

Details are important because through it you can understand thing more. Like when you are coding your programs, you need to place the comments at least in every method declaration so that anyone who will continue your code will easily understand what that method means. But if you put all the comments in every line, people will think “Did the previous programmer thinks that we don’t know that this means a loop?!” Too detailed is not necessary. It will just make the reader feel tired with all your details. But it has to be placed. Where? In the document of course!

See? Detailed things are needed. In coding, in giving direction, in writing a novel, in reporting, in many things! But can you imagine if you have all the details of one forum’s database while you are just a normal user? Must be very bad if it is happened. You may use it for something bad or just feel “Uuggh! Other person must have the same data and knows who I am!” Bad eh?

So people, do things in detail. Because tiny details is the art of great complexity. I would like to quote a writing that I saw in Chiang Mai.

In every simplicity you see, there is a great complexity behind it.

Develop: Generic or Specific

Sorry for a long time not blogging. I was doing some activities that I can not delay. This article is about developing application. I compare in developing generic application or specific application.

My mom had just bought an Android tablet and she wanted to use it as her tool in teaching. My mom is a biology teacher. Then she asked me to install biology stuffs inside. I went to a place named Google Play and looked for those apps. What I got is a really big disappointment. Most of them are not filling my mom’s criteria. I asked some friends on twitter whether they have ever know any apps like that, and no one answers. I deduct that they don’t know so they are afraid to answer.

Well, that is a specific application. One need an application that can do this and that but focus on a single topic. In this case, it is biology. Because I couldn’t find any app, so I told my mom I will build her the app. When I want to build, some questions come to me.

  1. Should I build it only to my mom’s tablet or to every teacher to ease them in teaching?
  2. Should I give freedom for my mom to add an extra lesson or info in her teaching or give her just what she needs now?

Well, the first question is quite easy to answer. But the second one is hard. If I build the application and allows my mom to create new lesson, chapters, sub chapters, and details in that lesson, will it helps her or not. I choose to interview and she thinks that it is a great idea! So I think this is a generic application. It is an application to ease teacher to teach, by putting the topics in their tablet. Any teacher can use this application. But still it is a specific application. It is focused in teaching. What makes it generic is that if one day I want to create an application that the main function is to present something, well, I can use my classes and just modify a little.

Generic and specific, two things that are different, but can not be separated. Another example of generic application is that stock management. You can use the same classes in stock management application to create library books management, storage management, and anything! Think generic, because in this world, any idea you have, you are not the first one to think about it.