Connection String Romance Continued

Continuing from the latest blog post, I finally made some breakthrough in my knowledge. It is true that the best teacher is your own experience. The main problem in  the connection string between me and ASP classic is the connection string suddenly changed when I navigate through pages in ASP. Instead on believing that the … Continue reading Connection String Romance Continued

Random Character With LINQ

Just now, I checked my forgotten stackoverflow account. I looked on some common questions and upvoted the good ones. Then I stumbled to this great answer. Why it was so great? Because it solves common problem, just creating random characters, but using such advance thing. I mean people usually just use Random and create character. … Continue reading Random Character With LINQ

Some Weird Thing on VS2010 Today

Returning to ASP after a long journey in PHP made me had some weird and awkward situations with Visual Studio. One of them wass when I tried to use ConfigurationManager class. I included the System.Security in my reference, but then nothing seemed to show. The message kept saying that The name 'ConfigurationManager' does not exist in … Continue reading Some Weird Thing on VS2010 Today

Orchard – Piedone Avatar Double Extension Threat

So, I was still developing for a site that using Orchard CMS. I finally get into security testing. Well, that's a lot of effort to do. 😀 But what I got is that there is double extension threat to my application. At first, I manage to fix it through Media module on Orchard. Then I … Continue reading Orchard – Piedone Avatar Double Extension Threat